Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Primanti Brothers here I come!!

I love to eat. I've talked before about my backwards body image and how I longed to gain weight and have curves. Yah, fast forward to today and while I have the curves, they just won't stop coming.

But tomorrow I won't care. I have a seminar tomorrow morning near Pittsburgh and I am going to be near a Primanti Bros restaurant. YES! No one probably has a clue about these places but they are a Pittsburgh staple. They make their sandwiches with french fries and coleslaw in the sandwich, along with whatever meat you choose. Mmmmm. I'm dying just thinking about them. When I was in college at U of Pitt, there was a Primantis. I would save whatever money all week long so I could grab a sandwich on Friday after class.

Now that I'm back in New Castle, I don't get down to Pittsburgh as much, but when I do. I rarely miss stopping in for my sandwich. Even Jeff, who hates going into the city, begs me to bring him home a sandwich. Not sure if it will make the drive home- I've been known to eat his sandwich before getting home- but I will try.

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