Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing SAHM

Today I got to stay home. Jeff had and in-service today so I figured it would be good to stay home and take advantage of a long weekend. Except, Paige has a reading festival at the school from 8:30 am to 2:30pm and Jeffrey Michael made plans with a friend. Here I am all by myself.

It's funny because there are days when all I want is to be alone. I need alone time. My family understands this and will not fuss too much. Yet today I was looking forward to being with them. God's sense of humor is strange sometimes!

So, as usual I did some cleaning. I went through Paige's closet and drawers. I have to do this when she is not around. At 10, she is attached to everything and can't bear to part with her things. She seriously wants me to save all her outgrown clothes. She wants to be able to look at them later in life. I think I have a pack rat in waiting! Jeffrey Michael could care less. As long as he has something to wear he's good to go. I put all the winter uniforms and regular clothes that still fit in a tote and left it on the attic landing just in case of a cold day. All the outgrown things were thrown, ummm, stored for giving away. Now I have a better idea of what they need for summer. Jeffrey doesn't need much, but Paige needs a whole new wardrobe. She is growing so much. I'm hoping this Sunday we can head over to the outlet mall.

I didn't get my camera last weekend. I really need a new camera. I borrowed the one from work so I could get some things on ebay. It only takes 10 pictures at a time but it was better than nothing. The weather is beautiful and I really want to get some new pictures of the kids at their games.
The mailman is coming down the street. Does anyone else love getting mail? It's one of the first things I check on when I get home from work, after my family of course! Even if it's just bills I still get excited!


dmoms said...

I'm home alone too. With way too many things to do which does not include reading blogs : )

time to get busy! enjoy your day.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

At times, being home alone can be a glorious thing! I really like my alone time.

I really like getting mail also. It is so great! One thing I have done since I was little is write letter to my grandma. Even though growing up she lived about 5 miles from it, I knew she would always write me back and that was so exciting. It is something that we still do today. It is so much fun to get letters that have been hand written even if it is just a short note. I try to mail out 1 or 2 hand written cards a month because I feel like it is dying out. So sad.

Rochelle said...

LS-LW - My one aunt was married to a navy man and they travelled the world. She would write me letters and I have saved them all. There is something special about a handwritten letter or card. I agree - it is dying out and the postage hikes aren't helping any.

Ang said...

Glad to read there are other mamas out there who cherish their alone time!

Hugs and have a great week!