Friday, May 15, 2009

New Neighbors

I mentioned before how I love my home. It's old and we have a great property for the city. We are also one of only a few young families in the neighborhood. At Christmas time, our one neighbor passed away. He was 99 and a retired pediatrician. God Bless him because he would still be walking in the neighborhood- although it would make me nervous because he was a small little man. I kept imagining him falling especially on days when he put his garbage out. I swear the bags weighed more than him.

His home was sold and the new neighbor is moving in. He's young - an old friend of my husbands. That's cool. EXCEPT, he is dating a girl who had left her husband for another guy last year. Yep, for the past year this girl's been sleeping around. And now she's going to be just a few doors down.

Last night we were out doing yard work and her son (she has 2 kids to her ex-husband who by the way is a good kid, hard worker, and a real family man who is devastated by this) were outside doing things in the yard. I was torn between inviting the child over to play with my two and the thought that I don't want this tramp in my yard. Is that horrible!! I really don't know her but have only talked to friends who are her old neighbors. So I am basing my opinion on here say, yet I have no reason to not believe these people. I did walk over to invite him to play, but she kindly thanked me and told me they were leaving soon and maybe next time.

Yah, maybe next time- but don't look at my man!!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

Yes coaching is hard and draining, but it is so worth it. I have been so blessed to have some amazing Christian coaches who poured into me and built me up. They really helped me when I was younger and I have never forgotten their influence. As a kid I know that I listened to my coaches more than I did my teachers and it is really great to develop that kind of relationship with the kids.

Ummmm, I think I might have accidently posted the same message about 12 times on your blog the other day on accident. I did not realize that you had to approve messages 1st before being seen,so I just kept right on clicking away.

Rochelle said...

Haha! I have done the same thing! I am trying to figure out how to let the comments just post on their own. Who am I kidding, I just figured out how to put photos on the blog!