Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh blog how I miss thee

Things have just been a crazy whirlwind lately. Jeffrey Michael's team made it to the playoffs. It was a best of three elimination and of course they went to the third game and it went into extra innings ---but we won! He was thrilled! I have to admit, it was really exciting. Both teams played their hearts off and it was such a close game. It could have gone either way. Secretly I'm glad we won. Their fans (parents) were really unsportsman-like. Luckily they did have umpires for the games or it would have been really ugly.

We rescheduled Jeff's birthday party for the Sunday after and he had a blast. We had a ton of food and the kids had a good time playing. The kids then went over to our friends to watch the wrestling pay per view while I cleaned and relaxed.

Last week my husband went on a road trip with his dad, brother, and cousin to the New England States. He enjoyed it but I was glad that he missed up and said he would have rather gone with us. We really missed him too. I took the kids to a small amusement park for the day on Sunday and we had fun. I got the cutest pictures of the kids on my cell phone. Now I just need to learn how to get off so I can make prints.

Work has been ok. But I'm a little worried that the agent isn't doing so well financially. He's not doing as much business but still spending a lot. I've been down this road before with a previous employer and it was ugly. I'm kind of looking around on the side just to be safe. He's either going to get rid of one of us or our paychecks will be bouncing around!

Only two weeks until we leave for vacation. I have most things done for the kids and now Jeff and I need to get some things for ourselves. I'm hoping we can find some clothes on clearance now that it's back to school time. Or knowing my luck, we waited too late and everything is gone! Haha! Guess we will just have to run around in our bathing suits all week!