Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 13th!

Happy Birthday Paige!  Today you turn 13 and I can't believe how fast time has gone. 

You are turning into such a beautiful young lady.  Daddy and I are amazed at how well you've adapted to Junior High School - even if you don't like daddy to say hi to you in the hallways!  As expected, you've become so involved in school activities and we really commend you on you ability to juggle everything.  Remember, don't try to do to much!  Have fun and enjoy school!

It's hard to believe you are now a teenager.  Things are changing so quickly for you and I just want you to know that we are here for you.  We love you and will do anything to help you- even if it's just to listen.  You are an amazing young girl and we look forward to you becoming an even more amazing young woman!

PS- Even your brother loves you!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's going on?

A lot.

We've been so busy with back to school, Cross Country, Fall Ball, and Cheerleading.  While I've been reading other's posts, I just haven't taken any time to post.

Here are some things going on....

Paige's Room Remodel

I have been real slow with this project.  For one, I just don't have the cash for her furniture now.  I have been scouring Craigslist to see if I can find a vanity that I can paint for her.  I did prime her walls and found 4 colors that she really likes but is trying to decide which one to choose.  I used Kilz Clean Start primer and at first I wasn't sure about it.  I thought maybe it would be too thin and not cover her walls, but surprisingly, it did a good job.  I just wanted to tone down the purple so that when I put some test colors up, it would give the truest color.  Jeff started patching the hole in her wall, but still has to do some mudding. 


This is just all consuming.  Paige is cheering for the 7th grade football team and running cross country.  Jeff of course, is the cross country coach.  And Jeffrey Michael is playing fall baseball.  So between practices, meets, and games, there is little time left.


Right now I'm trying to just get into a schedule now that they are all back to school and  I have three days with no one at home.  I am trying to get more clutter out of the house and organize.  I haven't tackled any big projects yet, just little clean outs that I am taking to GoodWill.  Today, I even put together a small bag of pet items and old fabric that I dropped off at the Humane Society. 

I have been reading a lot.  I just read A Place of Yes  by Bethanny Frankel.  I really like her. Probably because we share a lot in common with our childhoods.  I also just read Sink Reflections by Marla Ciley.  Of course I couldn't go without reading an organizing book.  Right now I am reading Peace and Plenty by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  I read her book Simple Abundance ( actually I think I own it- yup I just turned and saw it on my bookshelf).  In this book she talks about financial security after she lost all her money earned from said book.  It's actually quite interesting.

Hopefully, I am going to get into a groove again and get back to cleaning out this house.  Slowly, but surely I am going to get back into a nice routine.  I love summer and this summer was especially wonderful since I didn't work a lot and got to spend a lot of time with my family.  But it is really nice to get everyone back on a routine.  And it sure is nice to have some alone time for me!!!