Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome Back

I am amazed at how long it's been since I've blogged.  I have been so busy trying to adjust to my new job, working full time and everyone's busy schedules.  Also we are still working on the house.  It's almost done and really looking nice.  I'm not happy about the color of the siding.  It has a green color to it and wasn't my favorite choice.  Jeff said he didn't see it and thinks I'm crazy, but in certain light it looks green to me. 

The weather has been amazing in Western Pa.  I thought my husband was crazy to have them side our house in January.  Because work is slow for contractors where we live this time of year, we were able to save some money.  Except this year we had little snow and above average temperatures.  Last week alone it was sunny and 70-80 degrees! 

So here is were we are with our house......

These are shots of the house before the roof and new siding.

Here is the new roof and the windows/siding going up.

And here we are today....

We still have the other side of the house to finish siding and also the gutters need to go up.  It looks really nice, but I think the dark color makes the house look smaller.

SO many things happened during this remodel, most of which are just totally ridiculous.  I will definitely have to take a moment to tell you about.  Right now it's time for dinner and then the Sunday night rituals!

I really missed everyone and hope that I am finally getting some kind of schedule together that will let me blog again!!!!