Monday, July 27, 2009

You did what?

Saturday afternoon my husband and I found ourselves sans kids. We were sitting in the living room watching the Hawaiian Ironman and something in me wanted to go for a bike ride. Only problem is I don't have a bike. Jeff thought it would be okay if I rode Paige's bike and he would run. Yah right. First he had to add air to the back tire-completely flat when I sat on it! Then the seat kept moving around. Plus add the fact that it is too small and I couldn't pedal it very well, oh and then the torrential downpour about a mile into this great adventure.

Once back home and out of completely soaked clothes, I did realize how much I missed riding a bike. Growing up, we all rode bikes until we turned driving age. Even after getting our licenses, a lot of still occasionally rode our bikes. I'm seriously considering getting one.

This weekend our nephew is getting married. My husband also graciously offered our house to out of town family. Not that I mind, it's just that the attic is a complete and utter disaster. I would have like a little notice so I could schedule things a little different this week, but what are you gonna do? I am baking some cookies and have to run to the outlets in hopes of finding something for me and Paige to wear. So in addition to working full time and all, this should be a nice week!

I did get my office organized. This would have been a great before and after moment- if I only had a camera. I am going to swipe the office camera so I can get a few things on to ebay. My son came into the office and asked what happened in here? When I told I cleaned it he said - cool!

It's not all the way done, but it is a ton better! The greatest part of the whole clean up was going through the boxes of cards I have saved. I cleaned out a lot of them to send to St Jude's, but there are so many precious cards from the kids and my family. I know I am the only one that appreciates them, but I don't care.

Tonight after work, Paige had cheer practice and Jeff and I took Jeffrey Michael to the pool. The water was freezing, but it was still in the 80's. It was nice to relax for an hour till we had to get Paige and now I'm ready to hit the hay.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rip Van Winkle

I came home from work yesterday in the pouring down rain. Seems to be a theme with the weather this week.

My husband's friend was visiting and they were playing golf on the Wii. Somehow, my son won! Bad thing about it was that dinner was still in the frig waiting to be cooked. So I got things going, but we ate so late. Then after dinner at 7:44pm I went to bed. And I slept till 8:15am this morning. Not sure if that was a good thing, guess I'll find out tonight if I can't fall asleep.

This weekend there is nothing planned. FINALLY! It's sunny outside now and I hope it lasts all weekend. Sitting by the pool would be great.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Al fresco dining and hockey

Last night when I got home from work, my kids were setting the patio table for dinner. Jeff had grilled hamburgers and we ate outside. Then we played a quick game of hockey. My son received hockey nets for his birthday and we improvise hockey sticks out of plastic bats and used a practice softball for the puck. It was a lot of fun.

As soon as the winning goal was made (by me of all people), the clouds opened up and it started pouring. We cleaned everything up and headed indoors. Paige had a play date planned for 6:30pm and they entertained themselves in her room. The boys headed out in the rain to drop off fundraising forms for Jeff's cross country team. Me and the ever shedding chihuahua headed to the couch and I started flipping through stations. I stopped on Lifetime to watch a new show called Drop Dead Diva and I really like it. I may have to dvr it since I can never commit to remembering the day and time a show is on.

It's been raining all day today and thunderstorms are headed our way sometime around the early evening. At least tomorrow is Friday and closer to time off work!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie Night

Last night, my son realized that we were all home with nothing planned. So he suggested that we have movie night. We have game night or movie night during the school year and they usually get pushed out once summer rolls around.

We first looked on Comcast but with the storm outside the channel kept going in and out. Jeff took the kids to look for videos and I took a catnap with the world's most shedding chihuahua. When they came home my husband had a strange smirk on his face. He started off with this disclaimer- "Your kids picked this movie."

Hmmm. Now I'm bracing myself. Ok- what did we get? Paige proudly states The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What? Yes. You heard correctly. They picked out a chick flick.

I seriously have no desire to watch this. I'm not into chick flicks. I like funny stupid comedies. But I pretended like I really was excited to watch it and it wasn't all that bad. My son hated it and complained about 10-15 minutes into the movie. Paige LOVED it and snuggled near me and actually HELD.MY.HAND. I think that was the best part for me. I love to snuggle and hold hands with my kids but Paige fights me with this.

Paige just called me and said they were watching Friday the 13th. Are you serious? She called because my husband turned it off and she was mad. Big switch from last night's movie. And isn't it rated R?? Time to call the husband.

A-Ha Moments

I was wondering this morning as I drove into work about A-Ha moments. You know, those times when something clicks for you. I read stories in magazines about people having those moments when they've changed their lives. My husband woke up one day 5 years ago and decide to quitting chewing tobacco and started running on a treadmill. He hasn't stopped since.

How does that happen? I have moments when I might read something that really hits home with me, but not enough that it's changed my life. Maybe it's something that doesn't happen to everyone. Maybe you have to be ready for that life changing moment. It just fascinates me to read about an experience someone has that became the catalyst for their life altering change.

Lately, I've been thinking that I need mood altering. I am always in such a bad mood. I want that A-Ha moment. I want to wake up excited over a new day and possibilities. I used to, but try as I might I can't pinpoint when and why it left.

I've been reading Proverbs the past few nights before bed and a few verses have made me stop and think, but nothing smacking me right in the face. I need that! Or a prescription, though I've tried MANY and couldn't find the right match.

Have any of you had those moments? Was it instantaneous or over time? How did it happen?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tourney Results

And they are not good. We left our house at 6:15 am Saturday to be at the tournament by 7:30 am for an 8 am game. The team we played did not look like 10 and under! In fact the 1st baseman had bigger boobs than me!! Paigie pitched great, but when these girls did hit the ball it was waaaayyy out field. Our outfielders didn't know what to do! The other team's pitching and fielding was comparable to ours. What did us in was how aggressive they were on base running. They slid into the bases and even tried to steal bases. We don't slide or steal bases in our league so it was really confusing to our girls as to what they were suppose to do!! Our catcher tagged a girl at home in the face because she didn't know to put her glove down to tag her feet on the slide. We lost but it was nice for the girls to see how other teams play. A lot of the teams we played this weekend played really good ball and hopefully the girls learned something. There may be one more tournament, but it's over an hour away and may be on the same day as a family wedding so we may be out despite Paige's pleading!

I took yesterday off to have a little extra time to catch up. It was so cold this weekend- jeans and sweatshirts on Saturday! I got soap made and brushed the animals. That dog sheds more than anything I've ever seen!! He's just a short haired chihuahua yet the hair comes off endlessly. I used to give him an organic supplement and he didn't shed so much. Definitely need to buy more!

Saturday night ended up really nice for the kids. We were able to get home early and everyone except Paige took a nap. My husband woke up and went for his run and I started dinner around 7:30pm. As I was cooking, I looked out the back window and saw a yard full of kids that I had never seen before. I went outside and my husband was talking to a couple of guys. They live a block down and over from us. They were walking and stopped over and started playing with my son. Their fathers came down the street to see what they were doing and started talking to my husband. Well, 10pm and several beers later, our guests went home. I had to reheat dinner, but the smile on my son's face was worth it. We had no idea these boys lived so close and they are only 1 yr older than Jeff. The one boy's sister is going to 7th grade and she and Paige talked all night. I hope the boys come over more often. Jeff had a ball!!

Today came too soon. I really didn't want to come to work. Sun actually came out today, but it is still too cold for swimming. Always a perfect day to stay home though!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wing Night

Last night after work, I met my family and another couple at a local Irish Pub. It was 35 cent wing night and $1 drafts. I had some appetizers which were 1/2 off if ordered before 6pm. Total cost for the 4 of us was $25 and we were thrilled. Everyone ate a ton and had a great time. Of course we had our usual pop spill-Paige bumped her elbow and knocked her glass over and it spilled down Jeffrey Michael. No one got mad or fought over it and I - imagine this- even laughed over it. I even tried a wing, but of course had to listen to the criticism of using 2 forks to eat it. One to hold the wing down on the plate and the other to pull off the meat. Yup - add it to my strange OCD, but I don't like to get the sauce under my nails.

After dinner we all went to our house for Smirnoff Lemonade Slushies. Tasty! Luckily we hung out on the back patio as my house is a wreck. It was so nice to hang out while the kids played. They didn't leave till almost 9:30pm which was a little late for me. I haven't been able to do any work around the house since Monday and so there is a lot of laundry and cleaning to do tonight since we'll be gone all weekend. I do have to admit it was hard to sit there while in my mind I was thinking of all the things I could be doing. Hopefully today my husband will at least get the dishes washed. Tonight Paige is skipping (although I think there is going to be thunderstorms anyway) softball practice to go to a birthday party. So that will give me time to get laundry and pack food for tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everybody!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thought I'd never utter these words....

But I got too much sun yesterday afternoon. Jeff Allen was running a few errands and my son was at a friends. I asked Paige if she wanted to go to the pool but she didn't. BOOO! So I put on my suit and went out back and found a sunny spot that was well hidden from my neighbors. It was so hot! I had Paige spray water on my back but it was so nice to lay in the sun.

Only problem was later last night at the baseball game, I started to feel yucky. I'm not sure if it was due to the sun or not, but even this morning I wasn't feeling too good. Hopefully it goes away as we are suppose to meet friends for wings.

Jeffrey Michael's team played last night and came in second. The team we played against has the worst coaches in the league. They really take the game seriously and want to play by all these rules. Our team and the other teams usually just let them bat around the order and most of the time we never even kept score. Not last night. I thought there were going to be fists flying between the coaches and the parents. I just stayed to side and videoed the game. One of the mom's from my team said we may need to use the tape for evidence if the police are called. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence where I live. We've had parents arrested and now have a police officer at the ball fields - especially during the older teams games.

The boys were all thrilled to get a medal- though Jeff Michael was confused as to why it didn't say 2nd place. They were just a plain medal regardless of who won and so that really makes you wonder at the coaches. Is it just to boast their ego? Our coaches were really tired of all the arguing at plays and rules that we'd never followed at our other games. Plus the other team was mad that we called up T ball players. Seriously? These little guys ran their little hearts out trying to make it to 1st base but unless the ball was dropped they couldn't beat the throws or even out run an 8 yr old. Our coaches thought that we would have to forfeit if we didn't have a 10 man roster. Especially playing with this team. However, they showed up with 8 and just batted 2 extra if we didn't get the 3 outs.

One sporting event down, one to go! Then maybe I can get back to a normal schedule.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another All Star

Last night when I went to my son's practice, I found out that it wasn't a practice, but actually their All Star tournament. Our team had to pick up a couple kids from the TBall league due to vacations and this being all last minute. So we had 3 little 4 yr old players. They were so cute. They kept getting out at 1st base because their little legs couldn't get them on base before the throw. Despite playing down 3 players our team won and we play tonight for the championship. My son is thrilled. Plus I don't have to worry about Paige's tournament this weekend.

I have a half day today and I'm hoping to get my rear to the pool for a couple hours before the game.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An All Star Weekend

Paige was selected to be on the All Star team in her softball league. Last week we squeezed in practices between Jeffrey Michael's last few games and cheer leading practice. Seriously way too busy!!

This weekend her team played in a round robin tournament. It was really nice and she was the starting pitcher! I was thrilled and a nervous wreck. I swear I live and die with every pitch. I would rather her play outfield. It's just too much pressure on ME. I worry that the other parents and coaches are going to be upset if she walks to many or whatever. Surprisingly she walked very few - strike out a lot. They made it to the finals, but lost 5-4 on a bad 3rd out play. The 3rd baseman pushed our runner off base and then tagged her. I have it on video! But they came in second and did awesome. It was just a long weekend for me as Jeff went on his golf trip and so I had to pack up food and entertainment for my son. It was a lot of fun and we have another tournament this weekend coming up.

Last night our son's coach called to say he made the All Star team for his league. Practice starts Tues night. Yah- I'm guessing his tournament will be this weekend. I only have one video camera so I'll have to borrow one from somebody and then we'll play the who goes to what tournament game.

I took yesterday off to give me a day to get things done since nothing was accomplished Saturday and Sunday. It was a really nice day and we went to the pool all afternoon. I could do that every day. Jeff didn't get home from golfing till around 4 pm and he and Jeffrey Michael went golfing at the Par 3 course. Paige had cheer practice and then she and I hung out and played a round of basketball and we hit softballs.

The only bad thing about my weekend was my blood thirsty killer cat Chester. Paige and I came home from her practice and as I pulled up the driveway I saw my cat jumping and playing as he always does in the grass. I figured he was chasing his tail as usual, until I saw the baby bunny. Are you kidding? He has never in the five years since he walked into our home brought home or killed anything in our yard. I had Paige run into the house. I ran over to my one neighbor to ask him to get this bunny before my son comes home as I already had one screaming child. He walks over and just stares and Chester and the bunny. Ok. Your not helping. So I run into the garage and get my garden gloves and my other neighbor walks out his back door. I ask him to come help and he is able to get Chester off the bunny and as he picks up the bunny, the bunny starts to kick and wriggle. He wasn't dead. We walk him across the street to a wooded area and we check him out. He had a couple scratches on his neck and a gash on his back foot. He didn't seem to move his one front paw too well and we're wondering if it was bad before the attack. He didn't show signs of bad trauma or shallow breathing. He scooted into the deep grass and layed down. I thought about keeping him in the house to try and take care of him, but didn't want the kids to get excited only to have him die. This morning I did see him laying in the shorter grass so I am hoping that he makes a good recovery and no other cats get him. I think the worse thing about the whole ordeal was my one neighbor not even trying to help, just standing there looking at the bunny. Seriously dude, your a nurse! Thank goodness my other neighbor was there. It's not that I didn't want to pick up the bunny, which I would have, it was trying to get my cat off of it and getting him in the house. Plus I don't think I could have emotionally handled it if the bunny was dead. I just wanted it out of the area and was relieved to see it moving and looking ok. I am going to go look to see if he is there when I get home. If he is , I may just catch him and keep him. Wouldn't that be justice in Chester's blood thirsty face!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holiday Weekend and Crazy Weather

As I catch up with everyone's blogs I see that everyone had a great holiday weekend. I spent all Friday cleaning and getting things ready for Sunday's family party for Jeffrey Michael. Saturday was nice and relaxing. We spent most of the day at my childhood friends house. She married a boy we grew up with and they still live in the old neighborhood. So many people that I grew up with still live there and it was so nice to see them. Especially the boy who grew up next door to me! I hadn't seen him in almost 15 years. He was like a brother to me.

The weather was so cold- only in the mid 60's. But other than that, we had a great time and then went to Jeff's cousin's house to watch fireworks. Then home by 10:30 pm. Yup- we're such party animals!!

Sunday we had family over for Jeffrey Michaels birthday. It was nice and hot. I tried to get some sun in between being the host. Tons of food and the kids played nicely. It was really quite enjoyable. Just minimal bickering among the adult family members.

Yesterday Paige had practice for her All-Star team. She was thrilled to be picked from her team and their first games are this weekend. Of course, my husband leaves for a golf trip this weekend and will probably miss them. And they're out of town, so I took off Monday as well. I need an extra day for myself. Plus I'm hoping it will be a nice day and I can actually go to the pool!!

Has anyone tried those Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets? I picked some up at Walgreens as they were on sale and I had a coupon. I've done a few loads with them and I'm not sure if I like them. First, the only scent they had was tropical- and that is too much scent for me. Second, I'm afraid they won't clean the really soiled clothes. I did cut one in half as I had a tiny load of delicates and thought a full sheet was wasteful. Anyway, I'm not sure if I would buy them on a regular basis. What do you think?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We have Rules.

I know it's a shocking idea, but we have rules in my house. Why my daughter thinks summertime means free for all living- I don't know!

Yesterday was my baby boy's birthday. When I got home from work- he and my daughter were over a friend's house playing. My husband and I took the time to run and get him a couple presents to have for today as we're having his party on Sunday. It was nice to spend a little time with Jeff and actually talk about things. Then we picked up the kids and took them to our favorite restaurant. Then we picked up our nephew and headed home. This is where things go wrong.

First, it was still raining lightly and the boys wanted to go outside. It was late and I didn't want a mud mess in my house. Plus we hadn't sung Happy Birthday yet. One disappointment diverted. But after we sung Happy Birthday and passed around the cheesecake (my son's favorite) my son decided to smash his face into the cake. I had been telling him no, that he could do it on Sunday but not tonight. Well, his cousin had been telling him to do it anyway and he succumbed to peer pressure. Because it was cheesecake, it didn't make much of a mess, but he still got it in his hair and thus needed a shower.

Then, as I was doing laundry and hanging my new shower caddy - SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. I heard noise in my bedroom. The boys were in there jumping on my bed. My kids know that they are not allowed to play in my room. So my husband and I told the boys to play a board game or build legos, etc. Of course, my nephew didn't like any of those. Unfortunately, he is allowed to do whatever he wants as his mother works all the time and when she is home she lays around the house. There are no rules as it is easier to just let him do what he wants as long as she is not bothered. But that's not acceptable in my house even though he tries to get my children to play the way he wants. When my children suggest playing games and doing things they know are allowed he says no. It's always a struggle when he comes to our house.

Then to top it off, Paige's one friend also doesn't follow any rules in her house as far as using the phone. She calls our house late at night for Paige and we've told her numerous times to call before 10pm (summer rule). Last night she called at 10:45 pm and I nicely explained to her that it was too late and Paige would call her in the morning. That set Paige off! She cried all night that it was summertime and what does it matter..blah blah blah. My husband and I think that letting her talk on the phone till 10 pm is lenient. She's 10. What can you possibly talk about that late at night? This on top of the fact that the boys decided that running around the house up and down the stairs was a good game. I looked at my husband in disbelief. 10:45pm- you are to be in bed watching tv or sleeping- summer time or not! My kids are in bed by 9 during the school year and 10 in the summer. My son is usually asleep way earlier and it's my daughter that could stay up all night.

So again, I was not the Mother of the Year last night. And as usual I had to hear how terrible it was to live in our house. And my usual comment- you only got 7 yrs left till college- tough it out!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubbers!

Today is my son Jeffrey's birthday. I can hardly believe he's 8 years old. Bless his heart, this morning before I left for work he came downstairs and said he grew this much (insert picture of him with hand about a couple inches above his head). My children think that always grow on their birthday.

I've got a half day today- of course the day is cloudy and probably going to rain. I'm sure my son will have a lot planned for us today- with a little help from his sister!

I love you Jeffrey Michael. Happy Birthday!