Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stir Crazy

I am really starting to feel better- only small pains here and there.  But boy am I getting cabin fever.  Plus the fact that I am not allowed to drive for another week is playing mind games on me!!  I keep thinking of all kinds of things to do and they all require me getting into a car and driving.

I have been making a wonderfully huge list of things to do while home on leave.  Everything from simple cleaning chores to ending world hunger (too much time in bed to think!) is ending up on this list.  Of course the fact that I think I am super woman and will actually be able to accomplish them in two days isn't helping to keep the list within reason!  Again, way too much time in bed with nothing to do but shop online (which I have done and totally blown my Christmas budget) or think about all the projects that I could complete.  I am going to post it online once I can get it to a realistic list. 

Yesterday I did go to Sam's Club with my husband.  Though it was great to get out of the house, the 30 min drive one way and walking around the store was a little too much and I felt it last night.  Jeff and the kids went back to school today and so it's nice to have a quiet house.  I did some dishes and paid some bills that got forgotten about with all that was going on with my surgery.  I may dust the living room and dining room (though I am so wanting to run the sweeper- not for 6 weeks they said--torture!!) and then take a nap.

It's a rainy dreary day and they are calling for thunderstorms/snow over night.  It really is nice to be tucked in the house after all.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eating my words

I really need to start healing soon so I can out of bed more and stay off the computer!  No sooner did I  post on Friday about keeping our Christmas spending light that I went on Aeropostale's website and ordered $304 worth of clothes for Paige.  And they weren't for Christmas.  Please- I learned my lesson from Xmas '08!  I happened to remember that Aeropostale lets you purchase through Paypal and the Buy It now Pay later program.  So I justified that I will be long back to work to pay it off by March.  Great- my boss will probably call me tomorrow to fire me!

Too much time on my hands + laptop = bad choices.

Yes she needs new clothes for winter.  For one, I think I accidentally gave away some of her things from last year although she has out grown the clothes that I did find so chances are she couldn't wear them anyway.  But did I really need to spend that much?  NO.  In fact my son needs new shirts (he was given a lot of jeans THANK GOODNESS!!) as he outgrew his from last winter as well. I'll probably be ordering him some as well.  So although I'm not ordering all the latest "as seen on tv" products- I do need to ease up. I'm just not as concerned about how much I'm spending when I know I don't have to pay for months!!  I'm playing right into the debt devils hands!

That's why I need to start feeling better.  The sheer boredom is causing me to spend too much online.  i am making my list of things that I would like to accomplish while on leave once I am able.  And boredom spending is not going to be on it!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Every year my husband checks out the Black Friday sales and sets up his plan of attack.  He's done very wel, l and luckily each year there is something on sale that either the kids want or we need for the house.  This year however, wasn't the case.

While we go back and forth about getting my son a netbook and us a new computer processor, it wasn't enough for Jeff to head out.  There were some deals at Best Buy for both of the above, but he couldn't rationalize getting up early and driving 30 mins to save maybe $50.  Plus he was tired from being out late Wed night and then running a 5K Thurs morning.  Exhaustion can make you prioritize!!

My kids are at the age where they are outgrowing toys and want electronics and gadgets.  We no longer buy a bunch of toys that go to waste but a couple big ticket items that they actually use.  This year they are both getting cell phone- Jeff a free Virgin Mobile that I scored since I've been with them for over 6 years and have so much airtime built up that he would probably go 6 months before he could use them up. Paige is getting a replacement phone for her's since it is not holding a charge anymore.  I am eligible for an upgrade on my phone which is still like new.  So we are going to give it to her and get a phone that's free.  I can wait till her eligible upgrade date in May for my phone.  Other than phones and the wrestling tickets for January's show there are only a couple other gadgets- the netbook and an itouch ipod thingy and my kids are done. 

Well, then there's the stocking stuffers that end up costing me a fortune somehow-haha!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning Jeff and the kids got up early to run in the annual Turkey Trot 5k.  God Bless them!  It's cold (37 degrees), raining, and windy.  I am actually glad to be laid up in bed today!!  But it is little Jeff's first 5k and I am sad to miss him cross the line.

I hope all of you reached or will reach your travel destinations safely. Wishing you all a great day with friends and family.  And good luck to all you Black Friday Shoppers!

Brr- they just forecasted snow flurries.  Wish I was back on the cruise! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recovering and regrouping

This past Friday I had my hysterectomy.  I struggled long and hard with my decision- though I'm still second guessing myself.  I came home Sunday and am trying to rest.  That's hard.  Staying in bed is so boring.  I have been sneaking in some things here and there when my husband runs errands.  I am not returning to work until after the New Year and I'm hoping to use this time to just get my head and heart together. 

Right now though, I'm gonna go get some drugs!  I'm not driving while taking meds and I'm not going to blog either.  They may need to add that to the warning label-haha!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Raising Kids

It is so important to my husband and I that we raise our kids to be productive and honorable people.  We both see in our jobs children and adults who do not want to work, pay their bills, and have no respect for people.  And I think to myself that at one time they were little kids -innocent to the world and impressionable.  Is it a lack of parenting or a genetic flaw that predisposed them to bad behavior?  Or am I the one who is wrong? 

I tend not to think that I am wrong when so many religious leaders- Jesus, Buddha, God, Gandhi, etc convey similar messages of being accountable as a person in society.  So what happens!  If little Johnny or Susie is a good little kid in 2nd grade like all their classmates, when do they lose the ability to see right from wrong?  When do they think it's acceptable to refrain from working, paying bills, and being truthful? More importantly, how do I prevent my children from turning to a world that doesn't think that they have to be responsible?  That it's no big deal- a who cares attitude that I see so often at work. 

Looking at my children at their current ages, I'd like to think that they get the idea of what's right in life.  They are told about paying bills and not borrowing money.  They see how upset we get if we think that they are lying. We tell them how important their word is - that it's their name and no one can take that away from them but themselves.  I would hope that when they are adults they still maintain the values that we are so desperately trying to teach. 

Some days after talking to some of my customers I just want to go home, tie my children up and beat them with values.  That could work right?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well at least I didn't lock myself out today!

But I did try to get some extra things done this morning despite saying I wouldn't do that anymore.  The morning was going along so nice and I thought I had extra time to quickly sort through the pile on my nightstand.  Which then led me to gather the magazines and some clothes for my girlfriend.  Then I remembered the office needed extra quarters and pennies so I went to gather those from our stash.  And guess what?  I was rushing at the last moment to get out the door.  Totally forgot the bag of items for my friend and almost forgot my lunch.  WHY!!!!!  I just can't stop trying to squeeze in one more thing.  Again, I  think I'm making things easier for myself.  Probably just too hard-headed!!

In less stressful news, tomorrow Jeff and I are heading to the outlet mall to get an birthday present for his niece.  Normally he does not come with me when I head up there but......they just opened a Primanti's Bros restaurant nearby and we are going there afterwards!  The closest Primanti's is in Cranberry which is 45 mins south.  This new restaurant is only 15 mins - yes!!  I may be shopping at the outlets a lot more now. So last night we revised our menu plan to fit in Primanti's. 

Tomorrow Paige leaves for Gettysburg for a class field trip.  I was expecting my husband to chaperone but he isn't and I'm trying not to obsess about it.  They are leaving early tomorrow and will be staying over night and coming back late Friday night.  Would it be crazy to text her every 30 mins?  There are 9 chaperone's for 19 kids so a great adult to child ratio.   I won't be able to send her to college.  Nope.  She doing it online!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Efficiency Sucks

What a whirlwind it was this morning.  I thought I was doing a great job at getting everyone out the door until I locked us out of the house and out of the nice warm running car.  Oh the foul language that could be heard all over the neighborhood. Of course the spare key was not in it's location and none of my neighbors were home for me to use their phone.  So Jeffrey Michael and I walked to my one friends house down the street and she took him to school and let me use her cell.

This happened because I was trying to do too many things in addition to my normal routine.  I thought I was being efficient and getting a few extra chores done to make my day easier.  Turns out it made more work and I lost time!! 

The best part of the morning was when my girlfriend said to my son - " boy sounds like you had quite an eventful morning." And he replied " yes- it was a train wreck!"  Luckily he left out the part about the train wreck having a trucker's mouth!! 

So despite renewing my husband's vehicle registration, sorting a load of clothes to be ready for washing, and loading my car up with items for Goodwill, I will refrain from any future attempts at making my morning a little more efficient.  Not unless there are 5 spare keys hiding around my house!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rambling about nothing

Trick or treat was last night from 5 to 7.  I took Paige to my old neighborhood and walked around with my girlfriend.  It was nice to see all the old neighbors.  It was also nice how many remembered me by name.  Unfortunately I couldn't remember a couple names but did remember faces!  We practically ran the whole time trying to keep up with the kids.  Then I brought Paige to meet up with my husband and his family to finish in his old neighborhood.  I was so cold and tired that I dropped her off and went home.  Good thing since I am not feeling good today - feverish and have an annoying cough.

Saturday I spent pretty much alone.  My husband took Jeff to his college homecoming game and Paige went to the Midget Football championship game with her friends.  It was great to get laundry done and my bedroom cleaned.  I have been wiping the floor everyday with a microfiber cloth to keep up with the chihuaha's hair.  It still amazes me how much he sheds.  He should be bald!!! There is only a pile of papers on my nightstand to rifle through and a tote of summer clothes to be transported to the attic.  Then it should just be a matter of maintenance.  Famous last words!

I also updated Jeff's billing system.  He was printing a monthly calendar to help him stay on track.  Except when I looked at it on Saturday it was from June.  Hmmm.. just a few months off.  May explain some of his frustration regarding bills.  That and his lack of budgeting.  We keep our bills separately and have since we started dating.  It just seems easier.  I like an organized budget and could work on it all day.  Jeff keeps his all in his head and checks his account once a week.  We talk about combining it but I'm the one who is nervous.  He doesn't keep receipts for the debit card so I would have to constantly hunt down his transactions and I would fear overdrafting on my payments.  Maybe someday.

I still haven't put my things on eBay.  That's just due to laziness.  I have been collecting boxes for shipping and just need to take pictures.  Hopefully this week I can get them done!