Monday, November 1, 2010

Rambling about nothing

Trick or treat was last night from 5 to 7.  I took Paige to my old neighborhood and walked around with my girlfriend.  It was nice to see all the old neighbors.  It was also nice how many remembered me by name.  Unfortunately I couldn't remember a couple names but did remember faces!  We practically ran the whole time trying to keep up with the kids.  Then I brought Paige to meet up with my husband and his family to finish in his old neighborhood.  I was so cold and tired that I dropped her off and went home.  Good thing since I am not feeling good today - feverish and have an annoying cough.

Saturday I spent pretty much alone.  My husband took Jeff to his college homecoming game and Paige went to the Midget Football championship game with her friends.  It was great to get laundry done and my bedroom cleaned.  I have been wiping the floor everyday with a microfiber cloth to keep up with the chihuaha's hair.  It still amazes me how much he sheds.  He should be bald!!! There is only a pile of papers on my nightstand to rifle through and a tote of summer clothes to be transported to the attic.  Then it should just be a matter of maintenance.  Famous last words!

I also updated Jeff's billing system.  He was printing a monthly calendar to help him stay on track.  Except when I looked at it on Saturday it was from June.  Hmmm.. just a few months off.  May explain some of his frustration regarding bills.  That and his lack of budgeting.  We keep our bills separately and have since we started dating.  It just seems easier.  I like an organized budget and could work on it all day.  Jeff keeps his all in his head and checks his account once a week.  We talk about combining it but I'm the one who is nervous.  He doesn't keep receipts for the debit card so I would have to constantly hunt down his transactions and I would fear overdrafting on my payments.  Maybe someday.

I still haven't put my things on eBay.  That's just due to laziness.  I have been collecting boxes for shipping and just need to take pictures.  Hopefully this week I can get them done!

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