Thursday, November 4, 2010

Raising Kids

It is so important to my husband and I that we raise our kids to be productive and honorable people.  We both see in our jobs children and adults who do not want to work, pay their bills, and have no respect for people.  And I think to myself that at one time they were little kids -innocent to the world and impressionable.  Is it a lack of parenting or a genetic flaw that predisposed them to bad behavior?  Or am I the one who is wrong? 

I tend not to think that I am wrong when so many religious leaders- Jesus, Buddha, God, Gandhi, etc convey similar messages of being accountable as a person in society.  So what happens!  If little Johnny or Susie is a good little kid in 2nd grade like all their classmates, when do they lose the ability to see right from wrong?  When do they think it's acceptable to refrain from working, paying bills, and being truthful? More importantly, how do I prevent my children from turning to a world that doesn't think that they have to be responsible?  That it's no big deal- a who cares attitude that I see so often at work. 

Looking at my children at their current ages, I'd like to think that they get the idea of what's right in life.  They are told about paying bills and not borrowing money.  They see how upset we get if we think that they are lying. We tell them how important their word is - that it's their name and no one can take that away from them but themselves.  I would hope that when they are adults they still maintain the values that we are so desperately trying to teach. 

Some days after talking to some of my customers I just want to go home, tie my children up and beat them with values.  That could work right?

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