Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Every year my husband checks out the Black Friday sales and sets up his plan of attack.  He's done very wel, l and luckily each year there is something on sale that either the kids want or we need for the house.  This year however, wasn't the case.

While we go back and forth about getting my son a netbook and us a new computer processor, it wasn't enough for Jeff to head out.  There were some deals at Best Buy for both of the above, but he couldn't rationalize getting up early and driving 30 mins to save maybe $50.  Plus he was tired from being out late Wed night and then running a 5K Thurs morning.  Exhaustion can make you prioritize!!

My kids are at the age where they are outgrowing toys and want electronics and gadgets.  We no longer buy a bunch of toys that go to waste but a couple big ticket items that they actually use.  This year they are both getting cell phone- Jeff a free Virgin Mobile that I scored since I've been with them for over 6 years and have so much airtime built up that he would probably go 6 months before he could use them up. Paige is getting a replacement phone for her's since it is not holding a charge anymore.  I am eligible for an upgrade on my phone which is still like new.  So we are going to give it to her and get a phone that's free.  I can wait till her eligible upgrade date in May for my phone.  Other than phones and the wrestling tickets for January's show there are only a couple other gadgets- the netbook and an itouch ipod thingy and my kids are done. 

Well, then there's the stocking stuffers that end up costing me a fortune somehow-haha!!

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