Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eating my words

I really need to start healing soon so I can out of bed more and stay off the computer!  No sooner did I  post on Friday about keeping our Christmas spending light that I went on Aeropostale's website and ordered $304 worth of clothes for Paige.  And they weren't for Christmas.  Please- I learned my lesson from Xmas '08!  I happened to remember that Aeropostale lets you purchase through Paypal and the Buy It now Pay later program.  So I justified that I will be long back to work to pay it off by March.  Great- my boss will probably call me tomorrow to fire me!

Too much time on my hands + laptop = bad choices.

Yes she needs new clothes for winter.  For one, I think I accidentally gave away some of her things from last year although she has out grown the clothes that I did find so chances are she couldn't wear them anyway.  But did I really need to spend that much?  NO.  In fact my son needs new shirts (he was given a lot of jeans THANK GOODNESS!!) as he outgrew his from last winter as well. I'll probably be ordering him some as well.  So although I'm not ordering all the latest "as seen on tv" products- I do need to ease up. I'm just not as concerned about how much I'm spending when I know I don't have to pay for months!!  I'm playing right into the debt devils hands!

That's why I need to start feeling better.  The sheer boredom is causing me to spend too much online.  i am making my list of things that I would like to accomplish while on leave once I am able.  And boredom spending is not going to be on it!!

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