Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cable Update

Last week our cable and bundle package got cancelled because I "accidentally" forgot to remind Jeff.  I was all excited to be rid of Comcast, but when Jeff brought the box back he found out that it was only saving him $5 dollars to turn in the box.  So he kept the box and the HDTV.  He negotiated a lower monthly rate to save about $30/month, but I would have preferred that we just cancel it altogether.  It is nice to have our phone again - haha!

I cleaned out a lot paper piles (in my search for a receipt for a Target return) last night. I need to return Jeffrey Michael's pants again.  He's growing slowly but often and is down to just 2 pairs of uniform pants.  Today I sent him in a pair that are slightly short on him.  Luckily the kids aren't wise to "high waters" and he hasn't been teased yet.  But I'm sure that will end in the next year or so.  I am going to try to sneak out tonight to return some things and look for pants. I hope Jeff doesn't have practice tonight.  That way I can go myself without the kids.  Wishful thinking!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby blues

After work I had a few minutes alone and popped over to my next door neighbor's house to see their baby.  He is adorable and I forgot how nice it is to hold a baby.  That is until we were in the kitchen and my husband saw me holding little Evan ( our kitchen windows face each other).  He must have told my son that I was next door holding the baby because not a few minutes later, Jeffrey Michael was at my neighbors back door.  Just a little jealous, I'd say.

So my little fun with a newborn came to an end and I was rushed back home to the pre-teen angst of Paige and green eyed monster of Jeffrey.  Though I miss having a baby, I don't think I could start all over again.  Plus it's nice being able to have real conversations with my children.  It's giving me some glimpse to the man and woman they are becoming.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Catch Up

This weekend I was able to get a few minor chores done. I did most of the laundry - only 2 loads did not get finished. I ironed all the items that were laying in piles on my bedroom floor. Jeff went through some of the magazines from the bathroom and I sent them to the recycling this morning. Plus there were a lot of little tasks completed too insignificant to mention. Amazingly this was all done between football games and birthday parties. I think I spent most of my day yesterday in the car running to parties and different stores. I really am surprised that I got anything done yesterday.

And just when I thought things were going to slow down, Paige's football team made the playoffs. So at least one more Saturday to sit and think about all the things I could be doing. Add to that my husband adding another cross country meet to the the schedule and I really want to go nuts!

My weekends are just ridiculous. There is no time to relax and recoup. It is more exhausting than my work days! Oh- soon to have a weekend of my own.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

No more cable

***Update- if you came here from abowlfulloflemons- I meant to link to this post.  So sorry for the inconvenience!***

Yesterday was my half day and when I went home I tried to look up job openings. Little problem though, I couldn't connect to the internet. It wasn't until later when Jeff came home that I realized the cable was out too. I didn't remind Jeff to pay the bill (even after we got a shut off notice) because I don't want cable anymore. I forgot however to pay for just the basic service for the phone and internet. Ooops. My plan sort of backfired a little. We've made the decision that we do not want to pay for the upgraded cable. The channels we get on the basic service is fine for us. If we decide that we want to get the kids pay-per-view wrestling we can just go down to the cable office to rent the box for the night. We really just need internet, even the phone is not a big deal with us having cell phones. I am hoping tomorrow we get internet again so Paige doesn't go through withdrawal any longer! Now that I think of it, the phone needs turned back on in case I apply for a job too. I don't want to give out my cell phone in case of a call while I am at work.

I wanted to go over bills last night but Jeff didn't. I know he doesn't want to see how much money is being wasted. I've looked over his bank account for the past 2 months and he spends a lot of money going out to lunch with his coworkers and fast food for the kids. For a while he did come home to eat or brought food to school. And we were eating at home more during the week before cross country season got in full swing. I try to limit fast food to once a month for the kids. In fact last night he decided to get them Wendy's even though I gave several meal options that I could make. Then he was irritated that I didn't want any. I made myself a ham sandwich and rice and was happy. I've only had 1 whopper jr and 1 taco bell taco since August 20th. For me it's more than just saving the money. It's about eating better. It's hard with our busy schedule but I think it's worth it.

Today Jeff has a big cross country meet. Every year after this meet we get pizza for the team so I don't have to cook tonight!! It's a nice treat for the kids and they have a blast! The season is coming to a close in the next few weeks which will be nice. I just hope Jeff doesn't start running club too soon. I really need a break!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lazy days and job hunting

This morning my son woke up with a bad cough. Nothing unusual since he gets bronchitis every year around this time. Probably due to his allergies to every known species of trees and plants. We hadn't started him on his allergy med and I am definitely going to start tonight. Poor thing hasn't had a Halloween in years where he isn't hacking and sneezing. I wanted to keep him home so we could both lay in bed and cuddle but he really isn't that sick (no fever, etc) and hopefully the cough medicine took care of him. I told him to have the nurse call me at work if he did start feeling bad and so far no calls.

So I am here at work being lazy and actually looking at job postings. I've been here three years and really find no motivation here. My boss hasn't given the other staff members raises since he took over the office 10 years ago and all I get are excuses about why he's short on my bonuses and why no raises. His lack of interest in the office has trickled down to the other staff members as they do as little work as possible during the day. Which then makes me not want to put in any effort if no one else is. I only make $20k plus what little bonuses I get for selling policies. I work a 1/2 hour away which is better than when I worked an hour away. But for what little I make I could find a job in my city making the same amount with no commute. I would really like to just work part time and/or work for myself. Who knows......

I am trying to sell more things on eBay again. I have a bunch of household items that I was going to take to Goodwill, but I think I am going to try selling some of the smaller items and just donate the bigger things. Plus I have a ton of toys and clothes that I think will sell for Christmas. I told the kids to gather up unused items so we can have a yard sale on eBay. They aren't exactly on board with this but if I give them some of the proceeds then they will be more receptive! Time to start cleaning up that poor office. I dump everything in there which is not good. Once I post my items- you will have to stop by and check them out!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That time of the year

It's cold! Not cold enough to have frost on the windows but just nippy enough to make me put on my winter coat. I couldn't believe that I actually had to go get the winter clothes from the attic this weekend. We needed sweatshirts and warmer pjs because I only put the furnace on enough to take the chill out of the air in the mornings. Our gas bill will be large enough come this January and February. We can layer until then!

Friday night Paige had her annual birthday sleepover. We had 15 girls including Paige ranging in age from 11 -13. This year they were actually not too bad. No bickering or hurt feelings and most were asleep by 1 am. They are just loud. But I did hear one of the girls say it was the best birthday party ever. Yay me!

Jeff and I had tried to recuperate Saturday and Sunday. The house stayed relatively clean and other than the dishes from last night (too tired to care about!) I don't have much to do tonight. Just a couple loads of laundry, dishes, and maybe start working on some piles in the office. Oh, and all the summer shoes need to get put away. That alone will clear up the stairs on the basement. I don't think we have as many winter shoes. Well, until I have to go out and buy new ones for growing feet! Hehe!