Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lazy days and job hunting

This morning my son woke up with a bad cough. Nothing unusual since he gets bronchitis every year around this time. Probably due to his allergies to every known species of trees and plants. We hadn't started him on his allergy med and I am definitely going to start tonight. Poor thing hasn't had a Halloween in years where he isn't hacking and sneezing. I wanted to keep him home so we could both lay in bed and cuddle but he really isn't that sick (no fever, etc) and hopefully the cough medicine took care of him. I told him to have the nurse call me at work if he did start feeling bad and so far no calls.

So I am here at work being lazy and actually looking at job postings. I've been here three years and really find no motivation here. My boss hasn't given the other staff members raises since he took over the office 10 years ago and all I get are excuses about why he's short on my bonuses and why no raises. His lack of interest in the office has trickled down to the other staff members as they do as little work as possible during the day. Which then makes me not want to put in any effort if no one else is. I only make $20k plus what little bonuses I get for selling policies. I work a 1/2 hour away which is better than when I worked an hour away. But for what little I make I could find a job in my city making the same amount with no commute. I would really like to just work part time and/or work for myself. Who knows......

I am trying to sell more things on eBay again. I have a bunch of household items that I was going to take to Goodwill, but I think I am going to try selling some of the smaller items and just donate the bigger things. Plus I have a ton of toys and clothes that I think will sell for Christmas. I told the kids to gather up unused items so we can have a yard sale on eBay. They aren't exactly on board with this but if I give them some of the proceeds then they will be more receptive! Time to start cleaning up that poor office. I dump everything in there which is not good. Once I post my items- you will have to stop by and check them out!!

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Renae said...

Ugg! I know the feeling about not getting raises and late bonuses, we were told in July that our bonuses were on the way. Still waiting.

Anyways, this is Simplelivin' and the link to my personal blog.