Thursday, October 14, 2010

No more cable

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Yesterday was my half day and when I went home I tried to look up job openings. Little problem though, I couldn't connect to the internet. It wasn't until later when Jeff came home that I realized the cable was out too. I didn't remind Jeff to pay the bill (even after we got a shut off notice) because I don't want cable anymore. I forgot however to pay for just the basic service for the phone and internet. Ooops. My plan sort of backfired a little. We've made the decision that we do not want to pay for the upgraded cable. The channels we get on the basic service is fine for us. If we decide that we want to get the kids pay-per-view wrestling we can just go down to the cable office to rent the box for the night. We really just need internet, even the phone is not a big deal with us having cell phones. I am hoping tomorrow we get internet again so Paige doesn't go through withdrawal any longer! Now that I think of it, the phone needs turned back on in case I apply for a job too. I don't want to give out my cell phone in case of a call while I am at work.

I wanted to go over bills last night but Jeff didn't. I know he doesn't want to see how much money is being wasted. I've looked over his bank account for the past 2 months and he spends a lot of money going out to lunch with his coworkers and fast food for the kids. For a while he did come home to eat or brought food to school. And we were eating at home more during the week before cross country season got in full swing. I try to limit fast food to once a month for the kids. In fact last night he decided to get them Wendy's even though I gave several meal options that I could make. Then he was irritated that I didn't want any. I made myself a ham sandwich and rice and was happy. I've only had 1 whopper jr and 1 taco bell taco since August 20th. For me it's more than just saving the money. It's about eating better. It's hard with our busy schedule but I think it's worth it.

Today Jeff has a big cross country meet. Every year after this meet we get pizza for the team so I don't have to cook tonight!! It's a nice treat for the kids and they have a blast! The season is coming to a close in the next few weeks which will be nice. I just hope Jeff doesn't start running club too soon. I really need a break!!

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