Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Catch Up

This weekend I was able to get a few minor chores done. I did most of the laundry - only 2 loads did not get finished. I ironed all the items that were laying in piles on my bedroom floor. Jeff went through some of the magazines from the bathroom and I sent them to the recycling this morning. Plus there were a lot of little tasks completed too insignificant to mention. Amazingly this was all done between football games and birthday parties. I think I spent most of my day yesterday in the car running to parties and different stores. I really am surprised that I got anything done yesterday.

And just when I thought things were going to slow down, Paige's football team made the playoffs. So at least one more Saturday to sit and think about all the things I could be doing. Add to that my husband adding another cross country meet to the the schedule and I really want to go nuts!

My weekends are just ridiculous. There is no time to relax and recoup. It is more exhausting than my work days! Oh- soon to have a weekend of my own.

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