Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby blues

After work I had a few minutes alone and popped over to my next door neighbor's house to see their baby.  He is adorable and I forgot how nice it is to hold a baby.  That is until we were in the kitchen and my husband saw me holding little Evan ( our kitchen windows face each other).  He must have told my son that I was next door holding the baby because not a few minutes later, Jeffrey Michael was at my neighbors back door.  Just a little jealous, I'd say.

So my little fun with a newborn came to an end and I was rushed back home to the pre-teen angst of Paige and green eyed monster of Jeffrey.  Though I miss having a baby, I don't think I could start all over again.  Plus it's nice being able to have real conversations with my children.  It's giving me some glimpse to the man and woman they are becoming.

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