Friday, February 26, 2010

Yep, I've decided

to get my certification. Last night, the kids went to stay overnight at my girlfriends (they had a half day of school today and we let them miss---I KNOW not exactly what you expect from my husband the teacher!!) Jeff and I sat down at the laptop and looked into different certification programs. He wants me to get my certification but is not sure if he wants me to teach at his school. Before you get mad like I did, his reasoning is out of safety. The school is just becoming more unsafe as the years have gone by. Drugs and guns are constantly being confiscated and a lot of the male students have been harassing female teachers.

The neat thing we found on the PA Dept of Education website is a Teacher Certification Intern Program that allows individuals with degrees to earn their certification while they teach. There are certain college courses that must be taken prior to being hired along with the Praxis I test, but it would allow me to teach and take night courses/Saturday courses. As long as I finish all the courses and pass the Praxis II tests, I would receive my Title I certification. My old university participates in the program (there are only about 20 colleges/univer in PA that participate in this program) and if I am working at the same time I can pay as I go. I requested some information as I still have a bunch of questions. Either way, I am hoping that this fall I will be able to start taking courses regardless how I proceed.

Jeff also wants to put the house on the market. One of the reasons why I didn't want to move was due to my mother. Long story short, she suffered from bi-polar disease her whole life and the past 3 yrs had isolated herself from me and her sister/brothers. Because I didn't have a valid phone number or knew where she was living, I didn't want to move for fear that she would come back (as she had done so many times before) and not be able to find me. Or worse, think I moved because I didn't want her to find me.

Since that is no longer an issue, Jeff has approached me again about moving. I don't care. I love my house, but am also aware of his concerns regarding the school district. We are going to finish up a few more projects and then put our house on the market just to see what would happen. You never know.

More snow today. The wind is the worse part of it all- it's blowing the snow around making it like a white out. Can't wait to drive home from work today!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where's Spring?

Snow flakes are starting to fall again. This past week has been pretty great with sunshine- melting a lot of the snow. I've even seen some grass peeking through in some of the yards across the street. Their front yards get sun whereas my front yard is shaded by our house. It's quiet funny to see grass on one side of the street and 2 ft of snow on the other. Hopefully, the snow that is falling will not stick.

Valentine's Day did not turn out to great. The outdoor kitten was left in the house overnight on Friday. I was not aware of this and while feeding my daughter's gerbils, the kitten took one and brought it down the basement. My husband found it moving slowly while the kitten was towering over her. I prayed so hard that she would make it but unfortunately she passed away Sunday morning. Of course I couldn't tell Paige what happened- remember the Animal Nursing Home that our old dog Santana and cat Sylvester are living at! I told her that she got sick overnight and despite our help she died. First thing she asked is if the kitten got to her. Thanks God. I know I'm lying but do you have to be so blunt about it. No I reassured her, the kitten didn't do this. She doesn't like the kitten because she has found him in her room on top of the cage before. I wish I would have shut the cage when I was filling the water bottle. I just never thought that the kitten was in the house, let alone upstairs near her room. Poor thing, she was such a cute little gerbil.

Today I have continuing education class. Boring. Insurance is so utterly boring some times. I had thought about opening my own agency, but I'm not so sure anymore. Jeffrey wants to start travelling and if I open my own agency then I will be limited to travel for the first few years. Lately, the idea of getting my teaching certification has been swirling in my head. I've never thought I could teach kids, well, I know I would be able to handle the teaching part. Not sure I wouldn't kill the kids if they got on my nerves!! Jeff is convinced I would have no problem getting hired since my degree is science. He says that science teachers are harder to find. Plus being a teacher would put us on the same schedule and we could start travelling abroad now that the kids are older. Jeff would really like to see me do this. Might not be so bad.

Well, break time is over. Just a few more weeks till spring- not that I'm counting down or anything!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow....NOT!

Yesterday we were hit with another snow storm. School was cancelled and I couldn't get out of our driveway so I stayed home from work. It was bittersweet. It was nice to be home, but the kids drove me nuts and so did Jeff. I did laundry all day. It's so nice to be on top of all the loads. I also cleaned the top of my refrigerator- which was so disgusting. I am lost at how dirty it gets.
I also cleaned the top of the microwave. I had put a cute basket on top of it to hold the garage door clicker and all this other junk magically appeared in and around it. But I did find 3 tokens for a free beer at a local restaurant. Then later that day Jeff said that we were going to meet our friends at said restaurant for wing night. Yay!

This morning wasn't so much fun. The kids had a 2 hour delay but Jeff still has to show at regular school hours. So he took the suv and left me the Sunfire. Of course our street hasn't been plowed and it took a heck of a long time to get through the pile of snow at the end of our driveway. We were stuck for a while and I almost gave up and left the car there. But we got out of it and I got to work. Luckily it's been a very quiet day here and I need it!

Time to get going. Hope everyone is warm and snuggly!

Monday, February 8, 2010

18 inches and Mothers Diary

The snow has dumped a lot of snow in our neck of the woods. Officially New Castle got 12 inches, however, our yard measured 18. I wish I would have taken a picture of my car- it was totally covered with the way the wind was blowing. The dog was not at all impressed. It was quite hard to not pick him up and throw him in it! My cat didn't realize how deep it was and went to chase a some snowflakes and got completely buried in the snow. All you saw was the tip of his tail and then he did a quick jump back onto the shovelled patio. Paige was so disappointed as she was trying to shovel the snow for money and it was just too heavy and there was way too much for her to handle. She did score a few bucks for her attempt. Now we're bracing for the next round of snow headed over tomorrow.

As I was reading through my favorite blogs, I stumbled on a this blog. Mother's Diary is a column that was written by Gracie Jones about her everyday life. She started this in 1944 and her perspective on her life and that of her family is timeless. It's like reading a blog of today! You really have to check it out. Mother's have been struggling with the same issues for years!!

The cable was out this weekend so I didn't get any exercise done. I know, I shouldn't use that as an excuse, but I am! I was able to clean out Paige's shoes. I have about 11 pairs to donate and a few from me as well. Now all I have to work on is the basement. It truly is a disaster and when all the snow melts it will be riddled with little streams of water that always gravitate to the piles of crap on the floor! I definitely need Jeff to help with this as much of the crap is his tools and junk. Might have to do some creative negotiating if you know what I mean!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful......

and I scored me an appointment at my hairstylists due to cancellations! Usually I have to wait forever, but I called and luckily there were cancellations. Woohoo! It's snowing a lot but it's not going to start sticking and accumulating until later tonight.

This is going to be a nice night to get comfy under my covers and watch Desperate Housewives!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bree Van de Kamp Wannabe

During the time I was off work, I found myself watching tv looking for something to distract me. I happened upon Desperate Housewives. I am one of the few who don't watch the show - heck, I am not one to watch much tv at all let alone this show.

For some reason I really got into the show. Maybe because the story lines were so outrageous and many were funny and they made me feel as though maybe my life isn't so crazy (someday I will post an autobiography). The awesome thing is how Lifetime broadcasts 3 episodes each day. I quickly was getting caught up in the series. In fact, this past week they started from the pilot episode and now I am taping the shows and should be caught up to where I had first started by next month.

There is something about each of the characters that I really like, but my favorite character is Bree. I am so a Bree. Since age 13, I have always lived 2 lives, my home life and then the life I wanted outsiders to see. Everything had to seem normal. Though now, since my mother's death, many friends and family have been privie to my true upbringing and I don't feel the need to hide anything. But what I love the most about her character is how she keeps her house spotless. Yes, I know it's not real life, but it's something I can't stop wanting to achieve. Is my house that way - HECK NO!!!! In fact, there have been times where I refuse to let anyone in my house until I've made a quick clean up.

Even though I am nowhere close to be a Bree, I think a lot about what I would need to do to become like her. I have purchased hundreds of books about organizing. cleaning and time management. I've read more books on that subject than I did for my bachelors degree! Can you get a PhD in cleaning? Paige thinks it's hysterical to tell everyone about the books I read. So glad I can amuse her!

Yet, despite reading all I can on the subject I still can't pull this off. And it really irks me! Isn't that sick? The worse part is that there are some people who seem to actually do it! I have 2 friends who no matter when I stop by have a spotless house. And they have kids and jobs. And I secretly hate them!! They must be on meds - note to self search their medicine cabinets.

The craziest thing is that when I watch the show, I am intently watching Bree's story line so I can check out the background. How is it decorated, how does she act, what can I take away from her.

What started out as a way to escape life for a few hours is becoming an obsession. Yah, I am just that screwed up!!

My idol.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhogs Day!

I love Groundhog's Day. Maybe it's just a PA thing, but ever since I was little, I couldn't wait to see Punxsutawney Phil on tv. Regardless of what he predicts, it's just a fun day to have in the midst of winter. My brother in law is a PA State Trooper and gets to work security for Phil each year. I am so jealous of him! One year I am going to head on up to see the furry guy.

I still haven't posted my goals for this year, but one of them includes working out. Last night when I got home from work I did a quick workout from the on demand channel. I have lost almost 15 lbs from my mother's passing and although it was not how I wanted to lose weight, since it is off I want to keep it off. I have put a couple pounds back on this past week or two now that I feel like eating but for the most part I am trying to stay where I am. I figure that if I start working out now and keep watching my portions and food choices then I should be able to maintain this weight. I also started taking vitamins and fish oil supplements.

Another goal of mine is to work harder at keeping the house clean and laundry on track. Too bad my family sabotaged that plan last night. Before I went to bed last night, I had put a load of laundry in the wash and did all the dishes. I crawled in bed at 9pm while my family was watching Monday Night Wrestling. This morning when I went downstairs, my kitchen was a disaster. I thought I was going to go through the roof. I texted my husband but he hasn't responded. There were dishes all in the sink and he must have made pizza as the pans were out on the stove. Arrg! I expect to come home from work with some dishes from breakfast and after school snacks, but an entire sink fullbefore breakfast!! Thinking of not coming home from work today- haha! Not sure how long I could be on the run before they'd find me!!

I don't even think my husband has noticed that I have been keeping the house pretty spotless these past few days. I know he isn't aware of the clothes. Unless he goes down to the basement, he wouldn't see that clotheslines are free of hanging clothes and the baskets are pretty empty. Though he will hear more about the kitchen tonight!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ready for fun

This weekend I was in a much better mood. I had something really funny I wanted to post about but of course I can't remember!

The great thing is that I got a lot done around the house. I am all caught up with my laundry AND MY IRONING IS DONE. Yes that deserves all caps, the largest font, blinking lights, you name it!! It's rare that I can get both all my laundry up to date and ironing done. I washed all my clothes on Saturday so that they can hang dry for Sunday. Then I left non ironing wash for Sunday. Plus Sunday I got sauce on the stove early for dinner and Jeff and I went over to Sam's club so he can pick up candy that he fund raises for the cross-country team. I picked up some items there as well and then we headed over to Justice so that I could exchange a really cute outfit Paige got for Christmas. That little girl is growing like a weed. It's like she jumped from size 8 to 12 in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, they didn't have her size left so I just got a gift receipt to use later. Then we headed over to the Olive Garden for lunch. We rarely go there but I was hungry for salad.

Then we headed home and I worked on cleaning up the house. I even made a batch of soap. The kids went to a friend's house to watch WWE and I watched a little tv, did the dishes, and made Jeff's lunch. I tried to get as much done as possible since I knew the kids were going to be cranky. We still got out of the house at a decent time and hopefully when Jeff Allen gets home he will see how nice it looks.