Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bree Van de Kamp Wannabe

During the time I was off work, I found myself watching tv looking for something to distract me. I happened upon Desperate Housewives. I am one of the few who don't watch the show - heck, I am not one to watch much tv at all let alone this show.

For some reason I really got into the show. Maybe because the story lines were so outrageous and many were funny and they made me feel as though maybe my life isn't so crazy (someday I will post an autobiography). The awesome thing is how Lifetime broadcasts 3 episodes each day. I quickly was getting caught up in the series. In fact, this past week they started from the pilot episode and now I am taping the shows and should be caught up to where I had first started by next month.

There is something about each of the characters that I really like, but my favorite character is Bree. I am so a Bree. Since age 13, I have always lived 2 lives, my home life and then the life I wanted outsiders to see. Everything had to seem normal. Though now, since my mother's death, many friends and family have been privie to my true upbringing and I don't feel the need to hide anything. But what I love the most about her character is how she keeps her house spotless. Yes, I know it's not real life, but it's something I can't stop wanting to achieve. Is my house that way - HECK NO!!!! In fact, there have been times where I refuse to let anyone in my house until I've made a quick clean up.

Even though I am nowhere close to be a Bree, I think a lot about what I would need to do to become like her. I have purchased hundreds of books about organizing. cleaning and time management. I've read more books on that subject than I did for my bachelors degree! Can you get a PhD in cleaning? Paige thinks it's hysterical to tell everyone about the books I read. So glad I can amuse her!

Yet, despite reading all I can on the subject I still can't pull this off. And it really irks me! Isn't that sick? The worse part is that there are some people who seem to actually do it! I have 2 friends who no matter when I stop by have a spotless house. And they have kids and jobs. And I secretly hate them!! They must be on meds - note to self search their medicine cabinets.

The craziest thing is that when I watch the show, I am intently watching Bree's story line so I can check out the background. How is it decorated, how does she act, what can I take away from her.

What started out as a way to escape life for a few hours is becoming an obsession. Yah, I am just that screwed up!!

My idol.

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