Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where's Spring?

Snow flakes are starting to fall again. This past week has been pretty great with sunshine- melting a lot of the snow. I've even seen some grass peeking through in some of the yards across the street. Their front yards get sun whereas my front yard is shaded by our house. It's quiet funny to see grass on one side of the street and 2 ft of snow on the other. Hopefully, the snow that is falling will not stick.

Valentine's Day did not turn out to great. The outdoor kitten was left in the house overnight on Friday. I was not aware of this and while feeding my daughter's gerbils, the kitten took one and brought it down the basement. My husband found it moving slowly while the kitten was towering over her. I prayed so hard that she would make it but unfortunately she passed away Sunday morning. Of course I couldn't tell Paige what happened- remember the Animal Nursing Home that our old dog Santana and cat Sylvester are living at! I told her that she got sick overnight and despite our help she died. First thing she asked is if the kitten got to her. Thanks God. I know I'm lying but do you have to be so blunt about it. No I reassured her, the kitten didn't do this. She doesn't like the kitten because she has found him in her room on top of the cage before. I wish I would have shut the cage when I was filling the water bottle. I just never thought that the kitten was in the house, let alone upstairs near her room. Poor thing, she was such a cute little gerbil.

Today I have continuing education class. Boring. Insurance is so utterly boring some times. I had thought about opening my own agency, but I'm not so sure anymore. Jeffrey wants to start travelling and if I open my own agency then I will be limited to travel for the first few years. Lately, the idea of getting my teaching certification has been swirling in my head. I've never thought I could teach kids, well, I know I would be able to handle the teaching part. Not sure I wouldn't kill the kids if they got on my nerves!! Jeff is convinced I would have no problem getting hired since my degree is science. He says that science teachers are harder to find. Plus being a teacher would put us on the same schedule and we could start travelling abroad now that the kids are older. Jeff would really like to see me do this. Might not be so bad.

Well, break time is over. Just a few more weeks till spring- not that I'm counting down or anything!

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Simplelivin' said...

Sorry to hear about the gerbil. :-(

It's been snowing here all day too...actually most of the schools are closed. I'm not sure why though since it isn't laying on the roads yet (there was a few inches on my car this morning). Guess we'll see what tonight brings...

Good luck with your classes!