Friday, February 26, 2010

Yep, I've decided

to get my certification. Last night, the kids went to stay overnight at my girlfriends (they had a half day of school today and we let them miss---I KNOW not exactly what you expect from my husband the teacher!!) Jeff and I sat down at the laptop and looked into different certification programs. He wants me to get my certification but is not sure if he wants me to teach at his school. Before you get mad like I did, his reasoning is out of safety. The school is just becoming more unsafe as the years have gone by. Drugs and guns are constantly being confiscated and a lot of the male students have been harassing female teachers.

The neat thing we found on the PA Dept of Education website is a Teacher Certification Intern Program that allows individuals with degrees to earn their certification while they teach. There are certain college courses that must be taken prior to being hired along with the Praxis I test, but it would allow me to teach and take night courses/Saturday courses. As long as I finish all the courses and pass the Praxis II tests, I would receive my Title I certification. My old university participates in the program (there are only about 20 colleges/univer in PA that participate in this program) and if I am working at the same time I can pay as I go. I requested some information as I still have a bunch of questions. Either way, I am hoping that this fall I will be able to start taking courses regardless how I proceed.

Jeff also wants to put the house on the market. One of the reasons why I didn't want to move was due to my mother. Long story short, she suffered from bi-polar disease her whole life and the past 3 yrs had isolated herself from me and her sister/brothers. Because I didn't have a valid phone number or knew where she was living, I didn't want to move for fear that she would come back (as she had done so many times before) and not be able to find me. Or worse, think I moved because I didn't want her to find me.

Since that is no longer an issue, Jeff has approached me again about moving. I don't care. I love my house, but am also aware of his concerns regarding the school district. We are going to finish up a few more projects and then put our house on the market just to see what would happen. You never know.

More snow today. The wind is the worse part of it all- it's blowing the snow around making it like a white out. Can't wait to drive home from work today!!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

congrats on the decision. that is what i did. I did alternative cert. and it was great.