Monday, February 8, 2010

18 inches and Mothers Diary

The snow has dumped a lot of snow in our neck of the woods. Officially New Castle got 12 inches, however, our yard measured 18. I wish I would have taken a picture of my car- it was totally covered with the way the wind was blowing. The dog was not at all impressed. It was quite hard to not pick him up and throw him in it! My cat didn't realize how deep it was and went to chase a some snowflakes and got completely buried in the snow. All you saw was the tip of his tail and then he did a quick jump back onto the shovelled patio. Paige was so disappointed as she was trying to shovel the snow for money and it was just too heavy and there was way too much for her to handle. She did score a few bucks for her attempt. Now we're bracing for the next round of snow headed over tomorrow.

As I was reading through my favorite blogs, I stumbled on a this blog. Mother's Diary is a column that was written by Gracie Jones about her everyday life. She started this in 1944 and her perspective on her life and that of her family is timeless. It's like reading a blog of today! You really have to check it out. Mother's have been struggling with the same issues for years!!

The cable was out this weekend so I didn't get any exercise done. I know, I shouldn't use that as an excuse, but I am! I was able to clean out Paige's shoes. I have about 11 pairs to donate and a few from me as well. Now all I have to work on is the basement. It truly is a disaster and when all the snow melts it will be riddled with little streams of water that always gravitate to the piles of crap on the floor! I definitely need Jeff to help with this as much of the crap is his tools and junk. Might have to do some creative negotiating if you know what I mean!

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