Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Efficiency Sucks

What a whirlwind it was this morning.  I thought I was doing a great job at getting everyone out the door until I locked us out of the house and out of the nice warm running car.  Oh the foul language that could be heard all over the neighborhood. Of course the spare key was not in it's location and none of my neighbors were home for me to use their phone.  So Jeffrey Michael and I walked to my one friends house down the street and she took him to school and let me use her cell.

This happened because I was trying to do too many things in addition to my normal routine.  I thought I was being efficient and getting a few extra chores done to make my day easier.  Turns out it made more work and I lost time!! 

The best part of the morning was when my girlfriend said to my son - " boy sounds like you had quite an eventful morning." And he replied " yes- it was a train wreck!"  Luckily he left out the part about the train wreck having a trucker's mouth!! 

So despite renewing my husband's vehicle registration, sorting a load of clothes to be ready for washing, and loading my car up with items for Goodwill, I will refrain from any future attempts at making my morning a little more efficient.  Not unless there are 5 spare keys hiding around my house!!

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Renae said...

That is one of my biggest fears! I'm in such a habit of locking the door as soon as I open it. Glad that you had a friend close by that could help out :-)