Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well at least I didn't lock myself out today!

But I did try to get some extra things done this morning despite saying I wouldn't do that anymore.  The morning was going along so nice and I thought I had extra time to quickly sort through the pile on my nightstand.  Which then led me to gather the magazines and some clothes for my girlfriend.  Then I remembered the office needed extra quarters and pennies so I went to gather those from our stash.  And guess what?  I was rushing at the last moment to get out the door.  Totally forgot the bag of items for my friend and almost forgot my lunch.  WHY!!!!!  I just can't stop trying to squeeze in one more thing.  Again, I  think I'm making things easier for myself.  Probably just too hard-headed!!

In less stressful news, tomorrow Jeff and I are heading to the outlet mall to get an birthday present for his niece.  Normally he does not come with me when I head up there but......they just opened a Primanti's Bros restaurant nearby and we are going there afterwards!  The closest Primanti's is in Cranberry which is 45 mins south.  This new restaurant is only 15 mins - yes!!  I may be shopping at the outlets a lot more now. So last night we revised our menu plan to fit in Primanti's. 

Tomorrow Paige leaves for Gettysburg for a class field trip.  I was expecting my husband to chaperone but he isn't and I'm trying not to obsess about it.  They are leaving early tomorrow and will be staying over night and coming back late Friday night.  Would it be crazy to text her every 30 mins?  There are 9 chaperone's for 19 kids so a great adult to child ratio.   I won't be able to send her to college.  Nope.  She doing it online!

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