Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stir Crazy

I am really starting to feel better- only small pains here and there.  But boy am I getting cabin fever.  Plus the fact that I am not allowed to drive for another week is playing mind games on me!!  I keep thinking of all kinds of things to do and they all require me getting into a car and driving.

I have been making a wonderfully huge list of things to do while home on leave.  Everything from simple cleaning chores to ending world hunger (too much time in bed to think!) is ending up on this list.  Of course the fact that I think I am super woman and will actually be able to accomplish them in two days isn't helping to keep the list within reason!  Again, way too much time in bed with nothing to do but shop online (which I have done and totally blown my Christmas budget) or think about all the projects that I could complete.  I am going to post it online once I can get it to a realistic list. 

Yesterday I did go to Sam's Club with my husband.  Though it was great to get out of the house, the 30 min drive one way and walking around the store was a little too much and I felt it last night.  Jeff and the kids went back to school today and so it's nice to have a quiet house.  I did some dishes and paid some bills that got forgotten about with all that was going on with my surgery.  I may dust the living room and dining room (though I am so wanting to run the sweeper- not for 6 weeks they said--torture!!) and then take a nap.

It's a rainy dreary day and they are calling for thunderstorms/snow over night.  It really is nice to be tucked in the house after all.

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