Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowman Ornaments

The weekend before I had my surgery, I put the kids Christmas trees up in their rooms.  I replaced their old 6 ft trees with new 6 ft pencil trees.  There's were really old (they each got one when they were born) and the branches were beginning break off when we put them together.  I'm so glad we did that as I am not feeling better as quickly as I thought I would.

The sad news though is that Jeffrey Michael's snowman ornament was broken.  The above picture is Paige's.  Years ago when I was the Girl Scout Leader for my daughter's school, we made these simple ornaments and they were the biggest hit.  In fact, when we came home from the meeting, Jeffrey saw Paige's ornament and begged to make one. 

So when we opened his box of ornaments and saw that his was broken, he asked if we could make another one.  I don't have any extra ornaments left, but I do have all the other supplies.  I thought I would share this easy project with you as well.  I will update the post with step by step pictures once I bribe ask my husband to take me to the store to get ornaments.  Jeffrey Michael's was a clear ornament that we filled with snow flakes and it was really cute.  Paige's ornament is actually silver though the picture came out weird.  Any solid color or clear ornament works well.  I grabbed a bunch of them at the local dollar store along with Christmas ribbon about 1/2 inch wide.  Dollar General had ribbon that said " I believe in Santa" and each strip cut out fit perfect for the ear muffs on the ornaments. 

Here are the supplies needed:

solid color/ clear ornament
paint - we used brown, orange and pink
mini pom pom puffs
glue gun and glue sticks
ribbon - again I found "I believe in Santa" at Dollar General and used it for the ear muff and then a plain red 
             and green ribbon for the holder
Optional- if you use a clear ornament, you can fill it with loose snowflake dust- carefully remove the metal holder and fill. Then replace the metal holder and your done!

1. Attach a 2 in strip of ribbon- (depending on the size of your ornament you may want to test measure) to the top of the ornament with glue gun.
2. Apply one pom pom to the ends of each ribbon.
3.  Once those are securely dried, then you can paint on the snowman's face.  Paige used brown for the eyes and mouth, pink for the cheeks and orange for the carrot nose. Allow to dry completely.
4. Once completely dried, add ribbon holder to the top of the ornament with ribbon.
5. Hang on your tree.

Really it is that simple and inexpensive.  It was a great and cheap project for my Girl Scout Troop and was loved by everyone that we ended up making more the following week!!

I'll add photos of us making Jeff's new ornament as soon as I can break free go to the store to get more bulbs.

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