Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow Day of the School Year

This is what we woke up to this morning.  My poor girl probably thinks I've abandoned her!  The sad thing is that we are suppose to get a few more inches overnight.  Looks like another 2 hour delay for Jeff and the kids tomorrow too!

Because the kids had a 2 hour delay- I got off to a discombobulated start.  I started laundry and put on a nice pot of water for a hot cup of tea.  I got my mug all ready with my tea bag and let the water steep.  I planned on getting on the computer early to get more items on ebay.  But then I remembered that I needed to use up the green peppers we bought before they went bad.  I had planned on making stuffed peppers on Friday but Jeff forgot some ingredients so I had to wait till we went to the store.  So I got out the crock pot and cooked some rice (the ground meat was already prepared and in the fridge from Friday) and got to stuffing.  In between peppers, I ran downstairs to switch laundry.  Then once the peppers were all done and in the pot, I had to get kids ready for school. 

And guess what?  I forgot about my nice cup of hot tea.  When I finally remembered it, after the kids had left for school, it wasn't so hot.  It was still warm and so I took it upstairs to the office and got working on my ebay items.  I do that so many times.  I think I'm going to do something nice and relaxing for me but then remember other things and I let them take importance over what I originally wanted to do.  I'm hoping tomorrow I can get up before the kids again and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea and relax. 

But I did get on a bunch more items on ebay.  I'm up to 43 and have a couple more pairs of shoes to go.  I didn't have the netbook or Paige's laptop but luckily the office computer cooperated and it only took 3 hours to add about 15 items.  Haha!

Here's to tomorrow and the possibility of hot tea and snow delays!

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