Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Cooking

It' 5:33pm and dinner has been eaten.  Dishes are washed.  Jeff has left to substitute at the Academy.  And I feel like I accomplished some things today.  I woke up this morning feeling terrible.  I figured I wouldn't get much done, but after Jeffrey Michael went to school I began feeling better. 

I took a ton of pictures of items to put on eBay.  Sad thing is, my computer is so old that it was taking me hours -literally- to get my items posted.  Luckily, Jeff left the netbook at home so I put the pictures on a jump drive and then got to work much faster.  Not everything is posted yet, but should be by tomorrow if I can use the netbook.

I did get last nights left over chicken in the pot to make stock for wedding soup.  I also put on a fresh pot of sauce for today's dinner, made meatballs, and cooked a pound of ground meat for stuffed peppers that we will have Saturday.  I'm making meatloaf tomorrow and mashed potatoes tomorrow. Not sure if the kids will eat it but I'm hungry for it.

Jeff started filling in at the Academy tonight.  The Academy is an after-school school for kids who have behavioral issues that prevent them from attending school during regular session.  This program has been going on for a couple years but this is the first time Jeff is teaching.  He is only subbing and only for the second half of the school period 5:30 to 8 pm.  It pays really well and a lot of the regular teachers also teach full time at the Academy.  Since Jeff is done with cross-country and I'm not working, he thought it would be good to pick up extra money.  Plus his assistant coach's wife is the scheduler for the substitutes and he is given first pick- that way he can turn down or accept depending on what's going on with us.  And he really only wants the 5:30 half so he can come home and relax and when I do go back to work, I would be getting home shortly after he leaves.  It kinda sucks, but we need the extra cash to start getting back on track.

My son wants the netbook, so I am being asked quite frequently if I'm done.  So I guess I'll be done for now!!

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