Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What is it about today that makes me melancholy?  Is it the knowledge that today is the shortest daylight day of the year?  Or the fact that I will be ready for bed by 5:30pm today when I have a million things to accomplish?  No matter how hard I try, as soon as it gets dark, I want to put on my pj's and get to bed.

Shoulda been a farmer!

This morning I made another run to the recycling drop off.  Two car loadfuls in two days!  And that doesn't even include the recycling that my husband forgot to put out last week!  At least it's out of my kitchen.  I also scrubbed the one counter top area where we do a lot of our food prep.  It was cluttered with junk and sticky from spilled kool aid that the kids don't wipe up good.  A lot of laundry was done and we even took the kids out to do their Christmas shopping. 

I'm hoping to get to the store soon to grab a few more last minute ingredients for cookies.  Since we were out most of the evening yesterday, Paige has been repeatedly asking to bake tonight.  If we do a couple batches tonight then there will only be a few left for the rest of the week.  Hopefully that will make her happy!

I'm off to work on the attic.  We use it as a spare bedroom/playroom since it's completely finished.  All the toys that end up there are ones the kids have out grown.  Time to gather them up and get them out.  If Paige will let me!!

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