Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting a little faster

Jeff took the net book to school today to work on a PowerPoint.  Oh well.  I did try to make my old clunker of a computer faster by uninstalling some ancient programs and removed some old Ebay photos to help with memory.  It does seem to help.  I was able to load a couple more items on eBay before it couldn't handle it any longer and stopped responding! 

Last night, Jeff and I decided to put a dollar amount on each child for their Christmas presents.  Only problem is- I pretty much blew that figure on clothes alone for each of them. I may return a lot of them or just think of it as their school/winter clothes.  Really, we only buy the kids clothes about twice a year.  In spring and Christmas time.  It's just so hard to pass all the savings right now.  I was able to order shirts almost as cheap as if I went to the thrift store.  The one year that I did give the kids all the clothes with their Christmas presents (Christmas 08) was the worst thing ever.  Paige cried hysterically.  Jeff Michael didn't say much as he opened his.  Once he got to his one nice toy -Nintendo DS, he was ok.  But not Paige.  And she hasn't let us forget since!

I did start making a realistic cleaning/organizing list.  Pretty much a spring cleaning kinda list.  I want to wash all the walls and baseboards of each room and organize some key areas as well.  I really want to tackle the attic with all the toys and holiday items.  Instead of listing everything here at once, I am going to post each room's list the day I do them.  Hopefully, that will make me more accountable!! 

Tonight I am really hoping to get out to the store.  My poor car is covered in snow and hasn't been driven for 2 weeks.  I think I will be ok to drive by Monday and she better start up.  If I didn't dislike snow so much I'd go out there and clean her off.  Rather wait to see it Jeff will do it for me!!
Snow is actually starting melt - Woohoo!

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