Monday, December 13, 2010

Crying and Cookies

I didn't post anything on Friday because I was just too bummed out.  It snowed and I really couldn't go out anywhere.  It really put me in a bad mood since I was looking forward to getting out! 

Saturday was no better as I was still in a really bad mood and fought with Jeffrey.  Part of it is being stuck in this house for the past few weeks and part of me feels like Jeff doesn't care.  So I cried almost all Saturday night.  I still am in a lot of pain.  When I do go out I can only walk around for a little bit before hurting.  And nothing is getting done in this house.  I feel like I'm wasting so much time. 

Sunday I woke up in a little better mood.  I boxed up all the remaining items that sold on Friday and the kids and I started making Christmas cookies.  We made Hershey Kiss cookies and Butterballs.  Tonight I think we will make chocolate chip.  Paige has about 9 types of cookies that she wants us to make for Christmas.  At this rate we will be done by the end of the week and have a ton of cookies.  I didn't  have big enough containers to freeze them all last night and so she put a sign on the few extras ---
Yup- that's keeping everyone out of the cookies!

I also got my Christmas card ordered last night. 

Not sure if you can see it very clearly.  This year I added a family photo at my husband's request. I really like 
it.  Too late now!  Off to try and get some shopping done before we get more snow.  They are calling for several inches tonight and tomorrow.  Yuck!

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