Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oops! I did it....

Went to see the dr this morning due to all the pain around my belly button.  Though I don't have a hernia, I did strain/tear the muscle around that area internally.  So my best laid plans to do a good thorough house cleaning have been derailed.  At least I can get some organizing done. 

I went to Walmart to start buying those little things- stocking stuffers, protein shake for hubby, etc.  I could barely lift the bags to put in my buggy let alone my car.  Ugh.  I was disappointed at not being able to find some things that I get every year- like a WWE wrestling calendar for the kids!!  Guess I'll search the internet.
I also couldn't find a nice tree skirt.  They had ones but they were so thin and inexpensive.  They would never hold up if Chester decides to lay underneath the tree as he likes. 

Since I can't/shouldn't wash the walls in my bathroom today as planned, I did start to organize my office space AGAIN! There really is no excuse for how messy it got again other than the fact that we like to use it as a dumping ground.  I bought a large tote at the dollar store to put ebay items in until I get around to posting them.  That is the biggest problem of the office and uh paper! I need to clean out my file cabinet-actually I need to buy a new hanging file cabinet. Then maybe I will put the papers away.  The sad part about these pictures is that it's cleaner than it was several days ago when I still had a lot of my ebay items in here!  I am down to just 2 more listings that are selling and closing this evening.  The other sad part is that I couldn't even get good pictures of the mess because there is no where to stand!!

So I am going to get my butt off this computer and start working diligently on cleaning this room up again!!  I have a couple good books that came in the mail that I want to start reading and I'm saving those as a reward.

Oh p.s. - our pictures came late yesterday evening by UPS.  The dog was so intent on running out the front door to bark at him that he flew out the front door and when he went to stop he slid on all the snow and fell off the front porch down a couple stairs.  It was too funny!!  Kinda disappointed in the pictures- the wording didn't come out as bright as it looked on the computer and it's hard to read our message.  Oh well.....

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