Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Office- almost done!

I have finally got my butt in the office to clean! Although it's not all the way done- the bookshelves need decluttered as well as the closet and desk- the junk on the floor is pretty much gone. The printer and pile in the corner just need to be loaded in the car to go to Goodwill. The pile of papers on the small bookshelf are bills to be dealt with tomorrow and some books to go to the church for the kids room. My son just walked in and said - "Wow! The office looks so nice and clean." It was amazing how dusty it was. Where does it come from?

Here are the rest of the before photos-

And here are the after-

One day I really want to replace the floor. It's a crazy linoleum like floor that was in my son's room and my room. I'm guessing it's under the carpet in Paige's room too! I'm also not crazy about the pine panelling. But it's real pine- not the cheap 70's panelling and we're afraid of what's under it. The curtains came with the house and I haven't seen anything that I think would look nice with the panelling so they've stayed. I want to put the small bookshelf back in my son's room but it won't be possible until I clean off the shelves in the closet. Heck- for now it's clean. The room is located in between my first and second floors and so when I go up or down the steps it's so nice to look into a semi organized and clean office!


Jennifer said...

It looks much better, way to go!

Ellen said...

It's amazing what a little cleaning will do. Like the curtain idea!