Thursday, March 18, 2010

Before and After Bathroom Closet

Yesterday, the school nurse called at work for Paige. I was just pulling into the parking lot and the girls came out to tell me. Turn around and head back home. She was complaining all morning and I told her several times to stay home. Of course she didn't want to do that. It was my half day anyway so I didn't miss much. But I did get some things done at home. Including the bathroom closet as seen below.



I still need to paint the shelves and the door. I was so proud of myself until I opened up the Women's Day that was in my mailbox. Of course there was a beautiful picture of a professionally organized linen closet with labeled baskets and even the back wall was wallpapered. It did give me the idea to remove the bottom shelf to put a laundry basket for dirty clothes. Now to just get the family to put their clothes in there instead of on the floor.

Then I even cleaned out the shelves under the sink. I don't have any before photos but here are the after. We are going to replace the sink and vanity so excuse the horrible paint.

The toilet paper rolls are for the gerbils!

Next I went downstairs and did dishes and did a quick cleaning inside the refrigerator. I grabbed a pile of Jeff's toys that belong out in the garage. We couldn't get into the garage until all the snow melted and since the sun was shining I headed outdoors. I cleaned the back patio and vacuumed out my car. Paige slept most of the day so I didn't want to do anything to loud inside that would wake her up.

By the time I got done with my car both Jeffrey's were home and so I got dinner going and Jeff M to CCD class. Other than a few loads of laundry and purging a pile of magazines not much else got done. But I still feel as though I accomplished a lot. I'm just dreading the's a preview shot-

Scary huh? And that's just the shot entering the office, it gets worse!!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

way to go! i love getting stuff cleaned out and organized!

Anonymous said...

First of all do not compare yourself to magazine pictures. People don't really live in those pictures! Second of all, my craft room was driving me so crazy I could not even think of sewing until I got it cleaned a little today. Start small with the office, do a little everyday or it will become just too my humble opinion.