Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too busy to breathe

The past few days have been crazy. Paige was in a play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo for the day and then to eat before rushing home. Sunday I had my friend and her family along with my dad and Jeff's mom for dinner. Last night was Jeffrey Michael's First Reconciliation. While waiting for his turn, he looked at me and Jeff and said I'm going to be a new kid. He looked so cute waiting outside of the confessional. He was all serious but when he came out he had a huge grin. His first communion isn't until April 25th and I told the CCD Director that I hope he makes it till then before needing to go to confession again!

Needless to say, my house is a disaster! I had started doing laundry Sunday night and had my sorted piles all over my bedroom floor. Now the piles have been stepped on and I own a nice clothes carpet! Tonight after I pick the kids up from church I am doing laundry all night!
Here is a picture from the zoo-

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me in millions said...

Aww! Your kids are adorable.