Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wifi in Chuck E Cheese

Friday I was motivated to get things done. Especially when I had Monday off from work. But then I get home to sick kids, get a sinus infection, and then try to be the cool mom by going to Chuck E Cheese. Guess what? None of my extra projects were completed. I got as far as taking before photos Friday night so at least something was done.

Yesterday the kids and I tagged along with another family to Chuck E Cheese. They really need to have wifi. Probably goes against their goal of families being together and having fun. But some of us have kids who prefer to go off and play games by themselves. I actually had a sewing project to work on for Paige and so I was using the time very wisely. But as my friend and I talked we agreed that having wifi would be nice. There were a lot of parents sitting around while their older kids played. Just a thought Chuck E.

Paige is in the high school play this week. She and a bunch of 5th and 6th grade girls were asked to do a little song/dance number before the show. The play is "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Of course being set in the 20's we were asked to dress them in flapper like dresses. I looked online but Paige didn't like any of the costumes available. Then I got the bright idea- sew fringe on an old black sheath dress she has. At first this did not seem like it was going to work. It was taking forever to sew. But then I got into a groove and now there are two rows of fringe at the bottom. I need to add some extra stitches to make it real secure, but everyone thinks it looks great. Including Paige who at first was not convinced at all. The best thing is that it save me money. Until my girlfriend "picked" up some jewelry for our girls. When she handed me the $28 receipt I wanted to die. I was just going to run over to the dollar store and pick up some long strands of pearls. Oh well, next time I will politely decline.

Dress rehearsal is tonight. Hope there is no wardrobe malfunctions!


Jessica said...

Totally agree with Chuck E Cheese and wifi. My kids like to run off and play and are old enough to not need me standing around hovering over them. I would love to get some work done while they play.

Anonymous said...

I would love wifi at Chuck E Cheeses, my kids are older so they can run around without my assistants, if they had wifi I could get stuff done for work on my laptop