Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

We went to the tree farm and got our tree.  Poor Peanut.  He comes with us each year and normally has a blast running around, but not this year.  First it was freezing cold -only about 25 degrees.  Add about an inch of snow on the ground and this little chihuahua ran as fast as he could back to the truck!! Jeff had to carry him the whole time we looked at trees.  He was shivering and even had a runny nose!  That sweater doesn't seem like such a bad idea now does it?

But we found a tree and we all made it home to warm up before heading back out again.  We took the kids to my friends house to hang out while we shopped for an hour.  Luck was on our side as we found the two electronic items they wanted with no hassle.  Well, except that my husband wanted to get them cheaper, but honestly I do not think they go on sale that often as it is.  Don't want to post anything in case inquiring minds come barging in.

I was also looking for a new tree skirt as Chester and Dexter got mine dirty last year and when I tried to wash it -it fell apart.  I thought I bought a new one after Christmas last year but I couldn't find it in the attic.  I figured I'd find a great one at Target, but they had nothing!! And since I still can't drive till next week I am hoping one of my girlfriend's will let me hitch a ride with them during the day to Walmart or Tuesday Morning.  If not then, maybe an old sheet will just have to do to next week.

I am so excited as a lot of my ebay items are selling.  Tomorrow I am going to put on shoes and a few toys and household things and whatever else isn't nailed down in this house!!
It almost looks like Paige and Jeffrey Michael are carrying the tree by themselves!! Jeff Allen's
jacket is camouflaged by the tree - can you see just his left leg?  Haha!

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