Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Review

Photos to follow later....

I can't believe my last post was over a week ago.  There is so much to tell but since I woke up with a miserable head cold, I'm just going to recap some fun things from the last week.

Starting off, I almost accomplished ( wait- there is a flock of geese outside the house!! They are quacking??? so loud- weird) all of my cleaning goals.  The only one that didn't make the cut due to running out of time is the office. Big surprise I know!  But while my house looks really great, my son does not think so.  More on that story later as it requires a post all on its own.

Christmas at my house was wonderful.  It was really nice and relaxing.  Everyone agreed it was more comfortable than being at my mother in laws.  She has a tiny house and we all crowd down in a basement that's about 10 x 10.  With over 20 of us, it's very tight and uncomfortable.  I overcooked as usual, so everyone had plenty of containers to take home.  The kid's cookies were a hit.  Though we still have a ton left over as well.

Paige and Jeffrey were very happy with all the gifts they got.  I don't think they were disappointed at all.  They got me wonderful jewelry from Santa's Lane and warm pj's.  All in all it was wonderful despite missing my mom.

After Christmas, I did a little shopping for clothes at the outlet mall.  I got myself a bunch of clothes for work ( I can't believe I go back next Friday!) and little things for the kids and Jeff.  I spent time with my one friend rolling grape leaves -over 500 for a local restaurant which we will be doing as a weekly order.   And just hanging around the house.  I woke up yesterday feeling a little sluggish and today I have a stuffy head and scratchy throat.  I planned on really cleaning out the office today, but I may just go through the paper piles and see if I feel better tomorrow. Right now my eyes are getting heavy and I feel a nap calling me!  Will post soon about some funny things that happened over the past week.  I don't know about you but I need some humor!

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