Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick kid and Walmart

Its a little after 9 pm and I just crawled in bed.  Today was my half day at work.  I had totally forgot since I haven't been to work that long.  But it was a great surprise to get to leave.  It was also a God send.

Paige woke up Monday at 5 am.  SICK.  The kind of sick that I cannot be around.  Yah- it included to the toilet.  Luckily she didn't have any accidents and my husband was able to wake up to help her.  But poor thing got up again around 8 am for another round.  Jeff had called off at the school and we had a 2 hr delay again.  She was ok all day but late evening had one more trip to the bathroom.  Jeff took a half day Tuesday and I stayed home in the morning with her.  By afternoon she was much better and by evening she was eating and complaining.  Back to normal!

With my half day, I came home and cleaned her room.  I stripped her bed and sprayed her mattress with Lysol.  I also scrubbed her carpet (she didn't get anything on the floor , it just had dirt marks) since I was cleaning anyway.  I finally took down her Christmas tree as well.   All her blankets got washed and I threw Jeffrey Michael's in the wash too.  The bathroom was scoured and a couple loads of regular clothes were done too.

While it was great to have the extra time off from work, I am a little disappointed that I ran out of time.  I had wanted to read this evening, but instead had to run to Walmart for extremely necessary items such as toilet paper. 

I really don't like Walmart that much.  It just seems that all the wackos are there.  In my way.  It's not like you can't hear me walking down the aisle in my 3 inch spikey boots.  Yet you refuse to straighten out your buggy and move to the side to let me pass.  Seriously people.  There is etiquette to follow.  Keep to the right like driving a car.  If you must leave your buggy to get something on the left of the aisle, make sure you know what you are getting before you just stand there forever blocking the aisle for those of us trying to pass your buggy.  And when you are at the check out- don't go over the 20 item limit.  Or better, don't wait until the cashier has rung up your entire order to fumble around in you pocket book looking for your gift card/debit card/welfare card.  Have it ready!!

I better get off this computer and read the Bible.  I need help with my attitude!!


DannielleSB said...

I can't stand Walmart either! Everyone seems to LOVEEEE it. Nothing is worth saving a FEW cents to shop there. Target is way better.

Rochelle said...

I don't know why people love it either. I get an upset stomach when I have to go there!! With you on Target- it's like Disneyland to me!!