Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Baskets

These baskets have been a fixture on my staircase from the time we moved here in 2002.  Each basket has my kids name in it- courtesy of Paige.  They have made it so easy to gather misplaced items on the first floor waiting to be brought upstairs to the respective room.  I even use them for things that belong to me and my husband or misc. things.

When the kids were little, they loved bringing the baskets up each evening before bed to put their things away.  Now, they kinda sit there for days filled to the brim waiting for me to issue the ultimate threat in order to be cleaned out.  But I still love their usefulness.  We even have one at the top of the steps for things to be brought down.  Yes, I could just make the effort each time I go up and down the steps to bring the stuff, but you know how that goes!

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