Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tourney Results

And they are not good. We left our house at 6:15 am Saturday to be at the tournament by 7:30 am for an 8 am game. The team we played did not look like 10 and under! In fact the 1st baseman had bigger boobs than me!! Paigie pitched great, but when these girls did hit the ball it was waaaayyy out field. Our outfielders didn't know what to do! The other team's pitching and fielding was comparable to ours. What did us in was how aggressive they were on base running. They slid into the bases and even tried to steal bases. We don't slide or steal bases in our league so it was really confusing to our girls as to what they were suppose to do!! Our catcher tagged a girl at home in the face because she didn't know to put her glove down to tag her feet on the slide. We lost but it was nice for the girls to see how other teams play. A lot of the teams we played this weekend played really good ball and hopefully the girls learned something. There may be one more tournament, but it's over an hour away and may be on the same day as a family wedding so we may be out despite Paige's pleading!

I took yesterday off to have a little extra time to catch up. It was so cold this weekend- jeans and sweatshirts on Saturday! I got soap made and brushed the animals. That dog sheds more than anything I've ever seen!! He's just a short haired chihuahua yet the hair comes off endlessly. I used to give him an organic supplement and he didn't shed so much. Definitely need to buy more!

Saturday night ended up really nice for the kids. We were able to get home early and everyone except Paige took a nap. My husband woke up and went for his run and I started dinner around 7:30pm. As I was cooking, I looked out the back window and saw a yard full of kids that I had never seen before. I went outside and my husband was talking to a couple of guys. They live a block down and over from us. They were walking and stopped over and started playing with my son. Their fathers came down the street to see what they were doing and started talking to my husband. Well, 10pm and several beers later, our guests went home. I had to reheat dinner, but the smile on my son's face was worth it. We had no idea these boys lived so close and they are only 1 yr older than Jeff. The one boy's sister is going to 7th grade and she and Paige talked all night. I hope the boys come over more often. Jeff had a ball!!

Today came too soon. I really didn't want to come to work. Sun actually came out today, but it is still too cold for swimming. Always a perfect day to stay home though!!

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