Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An All Star Weekend

Paige was selected to be on the All Star team in her softball league. Last week we squeezed in practices between Jeffrey Michael's last few games and cheer leading practice. Seriously way too busy!!

This weekend her team played in a round robin tournament. It was really nice and she was the starting pitcher! I was thrilled and a nervous wreck. I swear I live and die with every pitch. I would rather her play outfield. It's just too much pressure on ME. I worry that the other parents and coaches are going to be upset if she walks to many or whatever. Surprisingly she walked very few - strike out a lot. They made it to the finals, but lost 5-4 on a bad 3rd out play. The 3rd baseman pushed our runner off base and then tagged her. I have it on video! But they came in second and did awesome. It was just a long weekend for me as Jeff went on his golf trip and so I had to pack up food and entertainment for my son. It was a lot of fun and we have another tournament this weekend coming up.

Last night our son's coach called to say he made the All Star team for his league. Practice starts Tues night. Yah- I'm guessing his tournament will be this weekend. I only have one video camera so I'll have to borrow one from somebody and then we'll play the who goes to what tournament game.

I took yesterday off to give me a day to get things done since nothing was accomplished Saturday and Sunday. It was a really nice day and we went to the pool all afternoon. I could do that every day. Jeff didn't get home from golfing till around 4 pm and he and Jeffrey Michael went golfing at the Par 3 course. Paige had cheer practice and then she and I hung out and played a round of basketball and we hit softballs.

The only bad thing about my weekend was my blood thirsty killer cat Chester. Paige and I came home from her practice and as I pulled up the driveway I saw my cat jumping and playing as he always does in the grass. I figured he was chasing his tail as usual, until I saw the baby bunny. Are you kidding? He has never in the five years since he walked into our home brought home or killed anything in our yard. I had Paige run into the house. I ran over to my one neighbor to ask him to get this bunny before my son comes home as I already had one screaming child. He walks over and just stares and Chester and the bunny. Ok. Your not helping. So I run into the garage and get my garden gloves and my other neighbor walks out his back door. I ask him to come help and he is able to get Chester off the bunny and as he picks up the bunny, the bunny starts to kick and wriggle. He wasn't dead. We walk him across the street to a wooded area and we check him out. He had a couple scratches on his neck and a gash on his back foot. He didn't seem to move his one front paw too well and we're wondering if it was bad before the attack. He didn't show signs of bad trauma or shallow breathing. He scooted into the deep grass and layed down. I thought about keeping him in the house to try and take care of him, but didn't want the kids to get excited only to have him die. This morning I did see him laying in the shorter grass so I am hoping that he makes a good recovery and no other cats get him. I think the worse thing about the whole ordeal was my one neighbor not even trying to help, just standing there looking at the bunny. Seriously dude, your a nurse! Thank goodness my other neighbor was there. It's not that I didn't want to pick up the bunny, which I would have, it was trying to get my cat off of it and getting him in the house. Plus I don't think I could have emotionally handled it if the bunny was dead. I just wanted it out of the area and was relieved to see it moving and looking ok. I am going to go look to see if he is there when I get home. If he is , I may just catch him and keep him. Wouldn't that be justice in Chester's blood thirsty face!

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