Monday, May 11, 2009

And we start all over again

Monday rolls around so quick each week. It seems that way every weekend. Saturday and Sunday fly by and it's Monday all over again. This weekend was extremely busy. Friday afternoon I had a training class and rushed back home to the start of Paige's softball scrimmage. Saturday was busy with a wedding shower, another scrimmage game for Paige and then Saturday night was hockey. Obviously, Sunday was Mother's Day and my husband grilled steaks and chicken for us, his mom, and his sister and her kids.

Mother's Day always starts out with breakfast in bed and the kids will give me their gifts which are usually made in school. This year my son was so upset because his plant ( a sunflower) would not germinate. He said they tried twice with the seeds but his wouldn't grow. Then he was scolded for fighting with his sister when we were playing UNO. But the night got worse as he was grounded for fighting with his sister again during our game of CLUE. After his shower, he turned to me and said "this was the worst Mother's Day." His heart was broken because he felt he did everything wrong. But he remembered me telling him last week that the only gift I wanted for Mother's Day was to be with my family and spend time together at home. That helped make him feel better. Paige made a cute little card but of course she had to point out the mistakes. I would have never known, but that child is so hard on herself. It was really a nice day.

Today started the hamster wheel again. Right after work I had to be at my son's practice while Jeff was getting Paige to her first game. After he practiced, we headed over to her game. She lost and so it was a long ride home for her. She really has improved since last year, but all she sees is the negative. We've learned to let her live in her mood for a while and then we can talk to her and encourage her. If we don't give her time to wallow, it's just a waste of our breathe. After she ate some pizza and worked on her homework, she was ready to talk about her game.

The Penguins are on now and are just starting overtime. If they win they knock out the Caps, if they lose it's game 7 in Washington. LET'S GO PENS!!!

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