Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I finally got around to figuring out how to add a picture to my profile. The sad thing was trying to find one! I am guilty as most mothers, of always being the one to take the photos. I just didn't realize how little I am photographed. The few photos of me are not even close ups! I only have myself to blame. I really don't like pictures of me. I can pick out every tiny flaw with my face and hair. The dark circles and adult acne and my crazy hair that never wants to cooperate or compromise with me. My eyebrows are crazy and this extra chin showed up at my doorstop when I wasn't looking. I could eliminate most of what I feel is wrong by wearing makeup, getting my brows/hair done professionally, and losing some weight. But I don't. And then I like to complain about it. Go figure!

The Pens lost in overtime last night forcing game seven in Washington. Hockey is fun to watch and I give those guys a lot of credit. They are really in great shape and I can only go around the ice rink once on a good day without huffing and puffing. Again, totally my own doing.

Today I don't think we have any after school practices and the weather may cooperate to let me go walking with the dog. I have been trying to walk every day depending on what's going on and the weather. I've also done really good with lunches at work. I go to the local grocery store and buy wheat buns and lunch meat. It is really cheaper and better for me. I could just pack a lunch every night, but I seem to forget my lunch or to make it so I am taking advantage of our little dorm fridge at the office. I still bring lunches to work from home when I have leftovers from dinner, but it's good to have backup. And it's come in handy more times than not! I haven't eaten take out for a while and since I work out of town, it's not an option to run home for lunch!

I have thought about my little blog lately and decided that it's just going to be my rambling diary. I read a lot of blogs- mainly personal finance and organizing. Some bloggers set up blogs for more than one topic. I just couldn't do that. I really do not like writing. Again, I find fault with each sentence I write. I will retype a thought several times until I think it sounds right. English is not my strong point and please don't point out my grammatical and punctuation errors. I know they exist, but I am horrible about correcting them. I never would proofread my papers in college. Just too traumatic for me! So if you are following along my little life, love me and my errors!!

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