Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Magazines

I came home today and found a postcard in the mail. My beloved Domino magazine is being discontinued. I had read about this rumor on a couple of blogs and just pretended it wouldn't happen. Until today. This is the second magazine in the past several months to go under. I was really fond of a magazine called Organize and it too went under. My husband would be thrilled if all the magazines would be cancelled as I do receive a lot of magazines in the mail - at one point I had 20 subscriptions. I began non-renewing a lot of them and have kept only the ones that I really enjoy. Those are any magazines that talk about organizing and living simply (ie Real Simple), money, and home decor. I am good about recycling them to my friends or the recycling bin. But if you look under my side of the bed- there is a large stack of my fave issues. And I will go through them every so often. Especially when I get the house all to my self for a day. I stay in my pj's and lay in bed looking through them. They're like my lover. As soon as I hear my family come home, I scoop them up and hide them under the bed until next time.

Wonder if you could be divorced over magazines?

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