Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to life..back to reality...

Yesterday, I stayed home with Jeff Michael. It was so nice. I kept thinking all day how I miss working part-time. Hmm..maybe I need to bring that up at my next review.

I also brought up to Jeff Allen the fact that our two next door neighbors and our one good friend have all gone to Vegas in the past 4 weeks. He actually thought it would be a good idea. So who knows, I may be headed out west!

This morning was back to our normal routine. Paige had a field trip and she was excited about it so she got up with no problem this morning. Jeff Michael was still tired. I could not get him out the door. My husband thinks he has a case of summer. The child wants school to be over more than my husband!!

I was able to get caught up on laundry. I cleaned out Paige's closet on Friday and yesterday she asked where her old clothes were again. I lied and told her they were in a storage container in the attic. Seriously, the child is obsessive. Meanwhile, Jeffrey was clueless that any clothes were missing. He was just excited that his basketball shorts were back in his drawer.

Tonight, my husband is confirming his friend's son. Paige won't be home from her field trip until 8 pm so I may take Jeffrey Michael to the mall so I can return shoes. I may not make dinner since it will only be me and him. And I just commented on a blog about not getting take out food that often!

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Simplelivin' said...

Gotta love the normal routine :-) I can't believe how close summer is to actually being here...my hubby's a teacher and I think he's more excited about it then the kids!