Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lunch time

I work out of town in an insurance office. The office I work in does not have a break room, heck, I'm lucky it has running water. No, all kidding aside. It's not a bad office, just stuck in a 70's motif. It's bad enough to come to work some days let alone face an office that sports cheap panelling and 20 year old carpeting. It can be real depressing.

Anyway, it's a tiny office that I share with 3 others including the agent. So we have a very close working relationship. The bad thing is for me is that I like to take my lunch to work but eating at my desk isn't an option as people still come over to my desk. I've resorted to eating my lunches in my car in the parking lot. But because our parking lot is so small, I've had customers come up to my car and hand me things. Thus, I will drive elsewhere to park and eat. I have found a local park that I go to and it's been ok. It's usually closed in the winter but now that the weather's turned, I can park in a shaded parking area and hang out.

But it's really weird. I feel self conscious. People are walking by with their strollers and dogs and they stare at me. I want to put up a sign that says "I am not a stalker, pedophile, or weirdo. I am just on lunch break." I don't blame people for checking me over. It's a small town- less than 5000 population- and I would do the same thing.

I have been thinking of bringing a blanket and relaxing on the grass on nice days. As you know, I have plenty of magazines to read and keep me busy. Heck if I was really brave I would lay out in my bathing suit.

Not sure if this town's ready for the sight of me in my suit. I'm not even sure I'm ready to see me in a suit. Damn gremlins!

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dmoms said...

who cares what people think - that is your time! enjoy it.