Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekends

I need more long weekends. It was so nice to get things done. We didn't have any baseball or softball games since Thursday. Jeff wasn't feeling really good and so none of the bigger jobs were done. I did get a lot of cleaning done. I also did a lot of laundry. Even got through the ironing pile that's been staring me down all week.

We had a little cook out yesterday. It was nice, but as usual with family, there are those moments. For example, my husband's nephew kept wanting to go in the house to play on the computer. NO. It's a beautiful day and there are tons of things to do outside. Then the excuses started -I get sick if I stay out too much, it's too hot. Go sit on the swings in the shade. Then he was trying to get my son on his side about sneaking in the house. Are you kidding me? His mother laid on my couch watching tv so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But I was not putting up with it. Eventually, as he always does, he gives up as he know he's not getting his way at my house. Too bad.

How about the Jon and Kate episode last night? That is one of the few shows I watch and I really was hoping all the rumors were false. What a shame. Grass isn't always greener on the other side.


dmoms said...

you are so funny. my kids weren't allowed in hardly all weekend. The weather was beautiful here. No excuses for being inside except to sleep : )

jon and kate - I am so undecided about them. Kate has gone over the edge. I always liked Jon and felt bad for him.

Now, I haven't seen last nights episode but my bet is that they signed a contract so they are obligated to continue filming. I just feel so bad for the kids.

Rochelle said...

Thanks, I don't think the kids should be inside when it's a nice day.

I'm torn between Jon and Kate also. Guess fame and money don't always agree with people.

Though, I wouldn't mind trying out the money part. HAHA!