Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Not So Fond Farewell

My camera is broke. I think Paige spent too much time with it taking pictures of her self. The images taken are all blurry and the lens doesn't want to move out all the way when turned on. I was never really fond of it. Jeff Allen just purchased it for me Dec 07 and it replaced the exact model that had broken right before. I wasn't all choked up about the original camera and had to pretend to be happy when I got the same camera newer model. It was the thought, he was excited to see me open it on Christmas morning as I had run to the pharmacy the day before to buy a disposable camera for Christmas day. I was really looking forward to going out and picking out the new camera as I had specific functions in mind and this camera didn't do any of them. While I would love to get a fancy Nikon or Canon, budget wise I can only afford something between 150-200$. I definitely want a large screen to see the pictures as I take them and the ability to do fun editing.

What camera do you have or can recommend? I posted my dilemma on Angie's website. She is a photographer and HAS AWESOME IDEAS. Yah, I'm jealous of her.

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