Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back in the office

This weekend I was motivated by Flylady to get some things done.  I've subscribed to her emails and while catching up on them (they do send a lot!!), I decided that my office really needs attention.  In fact, there was no need to take before photos as it looks so much like this!  Plus I can't find my bill organizer and thought maybe it was hidden in all the mess.

For one thing, I didn't keep up with my paper shredding.  In fact, last year when I worked on my office, I went through a lot of files and made a large pile to be shred and taken to the paper recycler at the one school.  Sad thing is, they've been sitting there ever since.  And growing even more as I add more to the pile.

But in order to get to my shredder and Mt Shredmore, I had to clean out the area in front which held all my ebay items.  The tote that I purchased to hold those items destined for ebay got completely full and so the obvious solution was to pile the overflow on top.  That worked real well as those piles got out of hand and began spilling on the floor.  What was happening is I tried to fit spring/summer clothes and fall/winter clothes in the same tote along with household items.  I had to find a better way.  For now I took all the fall/winter clothes and put them in large gift bags and stored them on the top shelf of the closet.  Now I can get through the spring/summer clothes and post them along with miscellaneous items that can be posted year round.  I hope to get a good system in place that will keep me organized and make it easier to ebay.

The next area I had to address was my paper recycling. I have a plastic bucket that we use to store papers until I drop them off at the recycling bin.  It was beyond overflowing due to my laziness at not wanting to stop in snowy cold weather.  Now that I was going to have even more paper to recycle (remember I have a ton of paper that needs shredded first), I had to gather it all together in garbage bags so I could load up the car without getting frustrated.  I found that I had also at one time started dumping other recycling items in with the paper. Call it laziness at not wanting to bring those items outside to the bins!  So now I had to clean up that mess too.

I also cleaned the top of the shorter bookshelves so that Chester had more space to lounge when he came to hang out with me. I eventually would like to get a snuggly bed so that he can really take advantage of all the sun.  He loves that window!

While things are looking better, I still have so much more to do.  Jeff's old toys are ready for either a yard sale or to go on ebay and the paper mess is no more.  I still haven't found my bill organizer and my poor maintenance manual has gotten pushed aside on the to do list several times. Oh and it took me hours to shred all my papers.  In fact the shredder kept over heating and I had to wait for it to cool before I could shred more!  Hope I don't let it get that bad again.  Oh who am I kidding.  Life wouldn't be normal if I didn't procrastinate!!

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